11 Starter Tips to Help You Rock Infinity Blade 2 to the Max!

I’ve been hearing a lot of people asking about tips to get off to a solid start in Infinity Blade 2. Well, below are just a few short tips to help you not only get off to a great start in the game, but for eventually mastering Infinity Blade II:

1) Pay close attention to your gem’s modifiers and equip them to get more gold or other gems.

2) Preserve magic and moves for the tougher conflicts in the game since those are the moments that you’re actually going to want them.

3) Equip a gem known as Gold+ to bring in more income faster.

4) Utilize a Health Regen potion before a Titan that is difficult to take down so that you’re constantly healing through the fight.

5) Watch out for hidden keys throughout the game. They may be little and hard to see, however great treasures can be opened.

6) When you play the game as the Heavy class, performing a successful parry will provide you with a block charge.

7) Doing a successful parry when fighting a Titan will also open them up to more combo hits than block or a dodge would.

8) Elemental damage from a Titan can be prevented by perfect blocks even in the event that you aren’t setup with the appropriate elemental defense.

9) To maximize your damage with Heavy weapons remember to do your combo hit at the natural ending of the hit window.

10) Titans will often get the same elemental strike as each other during a Rebirth. As such, the appropriate gems and gear to boost your defenses against them is a fantastic idea.

11) If you face off against a Titan while using their opposite element it’ll help a ton since they’re weak to their opposing element. Meaning, if you fight one that has an ice attack using fire attacks he’ll take double damage.

If you found these tips helpful be sure to check out our Infinity Blade II Cheats page for more awesome ways to dominate inside the game. If you haven’t purchased the game yet then you should check out our Infinity Blade II review. It’ll definitely help you decide whether or not you should pick up the game!