Angry Birds Star Wars Review

Angry Birds games are getting better all the time. Angry Birds Star Wars would be the most pleasing and most interesting entry in this ultra-popular franchise even without such refined gameplay.

As an alternative to giving a haphazard mishmash of Star Wars lore, Angry Birds Star Wars functions as an extremely loose retelling of the first 1977 timeless movie by taking gamers from Tatooine, across the huge variety of levels offered, and eventually into space. Given the studio’s consistently awesome support, it’s likely safe to believe that gamers will continue to enjoy amazing Star Wars gameplay for a long time to come.

The heroes have gotten fitting Star Wars makeovers. When you fling a Luke Skywalker, you get to activate a lightsaber that slices through the first few hurdles. Obi-Wan Kenobi Force Pushes his way through obstacles. Han Solo (yup, with scruffy hair) is likely the most useful – he fires three pinpoint blaster rounds everywhere for players to destroy the environment with.

Although these new abilities are not significant departures, they do make Angry Birds Star Wars considerably more enjoyable to use. Gamers will need activate skills accurately to triumph through the various levels. The most tricky periods need gamers to fling Han in one way while training his blaster back to nab another area. Another example would be that players will have to time their light saber swing to deflect the blaster fire back towards the delicate pig construction, all the while sending their bird hurdling through into another area of the map.

The aforementioned use of the force is required in some puzzles that are appropriate. Is it best to take Darth down first, causing the pigs to lose their floating blocks? The phases of play in any given map are the most sophisticated and pleasing puzzles Rovio has released for this series to date. Players have to plan out a smart strategy must determine what to do first in order to get the highest marks (3 stars).

Around the time I started to tire of flinging Obi Wan and Luke on Tatooine I was whisked away launching Han around. Players also unlock bonus levels for falling upon gold eggs and for reaching particular star landmarks. For now these stages are the only means gamers have to try the brand new R2D2 and C3PO birds, supplying plenty of motivation to get high scores.

There is no denying the game is an excellent value at only a few dollars (the cost that depends upon your platform), but it is still disappointing to see other parts of the game locked away behind yet another purchase. More unsatisfactory for some gamers is the Angry Birds Star Wars’ variant of the stage-ruining Mighty Eagle (a fowl-ified Millennium Falcon) costs gamers. Gamers can buy 20 uses for $1.99. But the score display of the game monitors your Millennium Falcon scores individually. Gamers will have to consistently pay up if Falcon high scores and gold medals are important to them.

Final Take:
Angry Birds Star Wars has a lot of interesting aspects to it, even if you have never cared about Star Wars. Rovio has shown that Angry Birds can be over a casual slingshotting time killer. Although it does not wander too far from its pickup-and-play core roots, at its best the game contains actual challenges for you to surmount. For the cost, its definitely worth it if you need a game to play when you have a few minutes to spare.

User Rating: 4.5 (2 votes)