Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition Review

The original Baldur’s Gate was highly customizable and had characteristics that few games had, not to mention that it was set in a world that was grand and enormous. These days, an enhanced edition is available for Android and more. Let us take a look at it in this review.


This will not feel like anything new to you if you have played Baldur’s Gate before. On the other hand, the last time you played the game, you likely played with it with mouse and a computer keyboard which allowed for lots of activity at the same time. In this variant, you will be playing touch controls and the experience is significantly different.

Attacking, learning to cast, picking up loot, and switching between characters are all things you are used to having the ability to do. For people who’ve never played before it can be quite a long experience. Along the way in this game you digest lots of narrative and meet new pals. For first-time players, it will probably really be much longer than that. Relatively speaking, Baldur’s Gate is among the biggest, longest, and most sophisticated games ever.

You begin, you play along with the narrative, and the narrative ends. That’s the whole game, of course. It’s worth saying that there are 2 added characters accessible as in program purchases together with a portrait set and a voice set.

Game Mechanics

The mechanics of the game are where things begin to get tricky. Where there were mouse movements and hot keys there are now touch controls. You tap on places to browse to the mechanics or on things to socialize with them. This contains folks, stairs, doors, chests, traps, enemies, and general navigation.

On the left side there are icons that open various matters including your list of spells to cast, inventory, game journal, character sheet, along with buttons that let you pause and rest. Resting also doubles as the manner in which you learn your spells, and pausing is a fundamental component because touch controls just are not enough to get your group in order during extreme minutes of battle.

On the right side is your group list where you are able to change between characters. On the underside is the activity bar where you select what unique skills, spells, attacks, and items you use. To do pretty much everything in the game you’re going to be tapping, of course. So there actually are not any odd swipe or gesture orders. In the game journal you’ll be able to take your own notes down and use the “keyboard” for that.

What it all comes down to is this. Whether you’ll enjoy this game or hate this game depends upon the kind of gamer that you happen to be. You might not enjoy this name if you are just someone who likes a game of Angry Birds every now and then. If you are a games console or PC gamer looking for that amount of game on Android, you very well may enjoy this game. It does have its issues, but devotees of the genre and Baldur’s Gate itself can probably get past them to love the game.

User Rating: 4.5 (4 votes)