Boom Beach Cheats, Tips, and Strategy

Boom Beach is a recently popular game from the super popular company, Supercell (producers of Clash of Clans). This is a combat strategy game that is played online with other players, and because of that there aren’t any official cheats for the game. However, there are some tips and tricks that you can use to earn all the diamonds (currency in the game) you’ll ever want and need. It should also be stated that the developers give out diamonds in the game more than you’ll ever see in any other free to play game that involves buying in-game currency.

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Now, as mentioned above, diamonds are pretty easy to earn in the game, which is a major difference between it and Clash of Clans. There are certain methods of earning diamonds listed below that work very well, however be aware that your earnings may be different than my own or your friend’s earnings. Let’s take a look.

Earn Unlimited Diamonds

So, obviously you can buy some diamonds in the game store, but that isn’t recommended nor is it cheap. I’d suggest that you frequently take a look at the map for a treasure chest, which will give you anywhere from five to ten diamonds.

Next, defending from enemy attacks will grant some diamonds as well for each instance. Lastly, when you complete a quest or achievement in the game you’ll also be granted diamonds. By going after the easier ones available first you can maximize your earnings.

Using Your Boom Beach Diamonds Efficiently

Once you manage to earn a ton of diamonds in the game you’ll need to make sure that you don’t waste them. Spend them on what you need and don’t spend them on random junk. There are basically 3 different things you’ll be using diamonds to purchase:

1) Speeding up your building and upgrading.
2) You can partially bypass your resource requirements. This will be the case if you lack the resources needed to upgrade and build a structure.
3) You can completely bypass your resource and waiting requirements. You’ll be able to immediately upgrade and/or build structures without resources. Protip: The most efficient way of doing this is to upgrade with resources and then boost with some diamonds since its cheaper.

The absolute best way for you to use your stash of diamonds, though, is to use them to help you upgrade your headquarters. There is no better use of your diamonds than that. This is because when you use them this way you end up unlocking tons of necessary items within the game.

Additional Boom Beach Tips and Strategy

When First Starting
Your headquarters, sawmill, and vault are going to be your buildings with the most importance. This is especially true at the beginning. If your HQ (headquarters) gets destroyed then you’ll lose that round sine pretty much everything else will be destroyed along with it. The same is true of your resources that aren’t in the vault. You need the sawmill for wood, of course, and the majority of your upgrades are going to need wood. So be sure to keep those 3 things safe and as upgraded as you can.

For Better Wood Production
Wood is pretty vital in the game. It is needed to make the majority of upgrades, especially earlier on in the game, so be sure to upgrade your sawmill whenever you can by keeping your HQ updated. Of course, you can turn trees on the map into wood as well if you have the gold to spend, but they won’t come back so only use them if you absolutely have to. It would be better for you to find some wood during conquest, or you also can go and raid other bases to take their resources. Assuming they haven’t stashed their wood in the vault, you can grab plenty of wood from them. In the later stages of the game you might find some bases that give you a boost to your production levels as well.

For Better Gold Production
Your gold in the game is obviously going to be a really vital resource. This is something you can get every hour as a tribute from those that reside in the islands that you rescue as slaves. Using upgraded radar can help you to discover these islands, and you might need to use some of the gold you have on reserve to pay for a revealing of certain areas. Remember that islands you free can be put back into slavery if you don’t keep an eye on them. They may even be put under a stronger guard, too.

I hope this has been useful for you. Sorry that there are no official cheat codes for the game, but with online games you’ll have a hard time finding such things. If you wanted to you could always try out one of the hack tools for Boom Beach that you can download, but if you do just be sure to be safe about it and do your research before trying.