Candy Crush Saga Review

Back when the game was first released, it was not too difficult to overlook Candy Crush Saga. This free matching game looked basically like a makeover had been done on Bejeweled, but since it continues to top the App Store charts, we could not blow off this addicting title any longer. Here’s our long-overdue review of the game that has become one of the largest moneymakers when it comes to Facebook games.

The secret of the allure of Candy Crush is in its new monetization system, which rewards patience. How, you might ask? Well, the game will give you an extra life every 30 minutes, up to a total of 5 lives. This enables players to begin playing the game free of charge, and after messing up on a certain level you can wait to resume playing, or pay to continue. It is also possible to send requests for extra lives out to your Facebook friends, allowing the game to propagate across social media.

In addition they offer an exceptionally reasonable deal (at least, most people would say that), while these arbitrary time limits are made to interrupt your game. It’s only $.99 for each block of 5 lives in the game, but it can certainly add up over time, so be aware of that.

Candy Crush Saga additionally holds exceptional societal encounters which make it feel more personalized. You will have the ability to see the improvement of your buddies that have signed in through Facebook, as you advance through the various levels of the game. As well as their positioning on the map, you’ll be able to see their scores that are high, providing you with an additional incentive to replay through the game to try and beat their scores.

Tying the whole package together is a a visual style that is bright and appealing, with vibrant tiles consisting of sweets like gummies, gumdrops, jelly beans, and more.

Candy Crush Saga has achieved astronomic success not only because it does a simple thing or 2 right. It is successful because it does everything right, in the cheery visuals, to total equilibrium, and in the quick gameplay mechanisms. This must have Facebook title is great for a fast few minutes of amusement on your phone or through Facebook itself, and believe me when I say that you’ll really look for those few minutes of time with this game. The best trick of Candy Crush when it comes to making the developer money is not only supplying an excellent gameplay experience, but players feel like they owe money for having so much fun with the game.

User Rating: 4.7 (3 votes)