Criminal Case: Review of This Facebook Game

In Criminal Case you are a police officer that must solve a string of cases which are fairly violent, and become considerably more difficult and longer to solve as you continue through the game. If you’re a fan of detective style games, then this Facebook game will hook you immediately.

On each crime scene you’re presented with a list of things to find, and some will become hints to solve the case. You must discover all the things as fast as possible to get the most valuable thing in this game: Stars. Do not stress too much about this, though, as you can replay the crime scene until all the stars are achieved. In addition, you unlock bonus scenes by playing them.

Without stars you’ll be unable to advance through the game. This is because you’ve other endeavors you need to complete like autopsies, analyzing hints, and speaking to defendants, all of which need stars to do. Consequently, your functionality in any given crime scene will decide how fast you are able to gain those stars.

That’s not all, though. Since each crime scene needs energy, and energy has been restricted in the game, you can not play for an infinite period of time. Unless you’re inclined to spend cash money to purchase more energy, anyway. This is common in certain games on Facebook and mobile devices, unfortunately.

Once you’ve assembled all the crucial hints and speak to the potential defendants, you put the right suspect under arrest and the case is considered solved. This is assuming, of course, that you detained the correct individual. If you have then the next case is unlocked. You can and must return to preceding cases to keep grinding those stars as you’ll really want them for more challenging cases.

Criminal Case doesn’t greatly rely on societal facets, and you’ll be alone in all jobs needed to solve the case. But having buddies as partners within the game can give you a lot of additional free energy in a day-to-day basis, as well as send you cards which can be turned in for experience or more energy. Keep in mind that every time you hit a new level that your energy bar will be completely refilled.

So whats the final take on this?
The energy bar empties much too quick and after several crime scenes you may discover that you have to wait a few hours before you can begin playing again. It’s possible for you to save yourself the hassle by spending real money, of course, but you may end up paying quite a bit to speed-up the game if you want to play Criminal Case on a day-to-day basis.

Fortunately, the mechanics of the game are well done and make it enjoyable to keep coming back to. Though you’ve got to go back several times to play the same scenes, it doesn’t get tiresome because you’ve got tons of distinct items pulled for each scene at random. The crime scene images can be quite remarkable (perhaps directed at a mature audience), and who doesn’t love awesome graphics. All in all, if you’re fan of the detective style of games then you should give Criminal Case a shot.

User Rating: 3.7 (3 votes)