Destiny: Gold Chests Guide

Destiny Gold Chests GuideThere are a large variety of loot chests within Destiny between the different planets that you can go to. The gold chests are a very specific type of loot chest that are hidden in very specific locations on each individual planet. Whereas other types of chests will be found randomly, these are fixed in their location. It doesn’t matter what order you hunt these down in on a planet; the rewards you get will be given to you in a set order that won’t change.

When you open them up your planet’s map will be updated to show how many you’ve managed to find. There are a total of 5 per planet, so with 4 planets that means there are currently twenty of them to find within the game. In the event that you’ve missed any of them during the story, don’t worry too much. You can always go back to find them later at your leisure.

Gold Chest: Earth Locations

You can find four of the chests on Earth while you’re patrolling or doing missions. For the fifth one you have to do The Devil’s Lair, which is Earth’s Strike mission.

1) Dock 13
This first one is pretty easy to find. You can get it during the story mission called Restoration. Right between The Steppes and The Divide there will be a building. Enter it and you’ll find your chest sitting on a desk in the very first corridor.

2) Mothyards
There is a small cave opening within the canyons that are between the Mothyards and the Forgotten Shore. It is along the side of the cliff that has a small bit of water coming out of it. Go inside this cave and you’ll find your chest.

3) Forgotten Shore
You can find the 3rd chest as you move up the coast from the Forgotten Shores to Skywatch. If you stick to the right there is a path down the cliffside you can take that leads you to the gold chest.

4) Lunar Complex
This chest is found in the same spot that you fight the Hive Wizard in the mission The Dark Within. In that same spot that you fight him you’ll want to climb up on the roof that is right above the exit to Skywatch. On the back wall you’ll be able to grab the chest.

5) Devil’s Lair
You can only get this when doing the Devil’s Lair Strike mission. Its located in the same area that you fight Sepiks Prime, and you can only grab the chest while fighting or shortly after. You’ll find it right under the platform that is on your right.

Whats in Them

The rewards you get for these will always be in the below order, regardless of the order in which you open the chests.

  • Forester 2.1 Gauntlets
  • Baron RS/2a (Basic Rocket Launcher)
  • PSI Tempus III (Uncommon Pulse Rifle)
  • Uncommon Chest Armor
  • S-22 Upgraded Sparrow

Gold Chest: The Moon Locations

You can find four of the chests on the Moon while you’re patrolling or doing missions. For the fifth one you have to do The Summoning Pits, which is the Moon’s Strike mission.

1) Temple of Crota
Go into the temple and go all the way down to the bottom floor. Go through the door on the right and take the path that leads to the Hive Temple and go in. Once you cross the bridge into the ship go out on the right side until you get to the ramp’s end. To the right and below you, you can find a chest on a platform.

2) The World’s Grave
WWhen doing The World’s Grave mission in the very last room is where you’ll find this chest. In that last room just go into the water and you’ll be able to find the chest along the wall close to the library mechanism.

3) Archer’s Line, Hellmouth Entrance
When you’re moving along the path that goes from Archer’s Line to the Hellmouth is where you’ll find this chest. Keep an eye out for a group of rocks that is on the left a little before a bridge. The chest is around the back of that group of rocks.

4) Archer’s Line, Hall of Wisdom
Starting from Archer’s Line you want to climb that hill right across from you. Go through the dome and use the road that leads to the Hive Fortress. Take the spiral ramp that goes to the bottom of the cave and you’ll find some water. Go through the water and you’ll find your gold chest on the right in the water.

5) The Summoning Pits
The only way to get the very last chest on the Moon is when doing The Summoning Pits. When you get to the last boss go to the very back of that room. You’ll find the chest sitting on a platform tucked behind a pillar.

What You Get

The rewards you get for these will always be in the below order, regardless of the order in which you open the chests.

  • Nox Cantor III (Uncommon Fusion Rifle)
  • Jade Rabbit Emblem/2a
  • Uncommon Helmet
  • Rare Titan Mark, Hunters Cloak, or Warlock Bond
  • Rare Armor For Your Class

Gold Chest: Venus Locations

You can find 3 of the chests on Venus while you’re patrolling. For the last 2 one you have to do The Scourge of Winter, which is the Venus Strike mission.

1) Shattered Coast
Its easy to spot if you go back from Ishtar Commons to the Shattered Coast. To find this chest you’ll drop down through a hole located in the Shattered Coast. Take the tunnel back to the Ishtar Academy and when you reach a bend in the road turn around. Looking the way you came you’ll see a gold chest sitting next to a pillar.

2) Campus 9
You can find this chest not long after you enter Campus 9. Find the building that is next to a waterfall, and on the opposite side of that waterfall you’ll find your chest.

3) Winter’s Lair
Take the trail on the outside of the large cave all the way to the overlook. Go out on the narrow pole and you can jump over to the ledge on your right for your prize.

4) N/Gen Branch
Right after you go into the N/Gen Branch from the Ishtar Commons you can find this one. Just go to the right and go inside a small building that has a bunch of cubicles. Look through those cubicles and you’ll find it.

5) The Cinders
Grab your chest by finding the platform that is under the Ketch. Its at the opposing side from where you find the entrance to that ship.

Whats in These Ones

The rewards you get for these will always be in the below order, regardless of the order in which you open the chests.

  • Cydonia AR3 (Uncommon Auto Rifle)
  • Two Heavy Ammo Synthesis/2a
  • Rare Chest Armor
  • Hieracon-LR5 (Rare Sniper Rifle)
  • Rare Armor For Your Class

Gold Chest: Mars Locations

You can find all 5 of the chests on Mars while you’re patrolling.

1) The Barrens
This one is at the Cabal outpost close to the Scablands. You can get here by going through the Barrens landing area. The chest will be on top of a bunch of crates when you get there.

2) Dust Palace
There is a door that has the number three on it in the Dust Palace area. If you go inside that door you’ll find a little cubicle that is holding your golden chest.

3) Tharsis Junction
You can find this in the subway at Tharsis Junction. Search for a Vex gate that is behind the train here in the corner. You’ll find a little room that you’ll want to go into, and then you’ll go through a fence that is in the corner there. Then you’ll come to a path that you want to take all the way to your chest.

4) Iron Line
Go inside the Iron Line at the gate that will lead you to the Legion’s Keep. Go on the left path and in the corner you’ll need to leap up on some pipes. Then you’ll want to turn around and jump up onto a different path that is on the left side. You’ll take this path all the way to your prize.

5) Barrens 2, Before the Hollows
You’ll find this one before reaching the Hollows. As you take the Barrens to the Hollows you’ll notice a broken section in the ceiling. The chest is up there, and all you have to do is hop up and take it.

Potential Loot Rewards

The rewards you get for these will always be in the below order, regardless of the order in which you open the chests.

  • Trax Mallus III (Uncommon Scout Rifle)
  • Decoherent Engram
  • Rare Leg Armor
  • Strange Coin
  • Red River Mk. 40 (Rare Machine Gun)

If you’re looking to learn more about Destiny you might enjoy reading about all the exotic weapons in the game, or maybe finding motes of light is something you need some help with. Either way, don’t forget to check back often as any time there are any updates in the game we’ll be updating all of our guides, as well.