Destiny Hacked Almost Immediately

Bungie’s highly anticipated FPS Destiny has only briefly been available on the marketplace, and gamers are finding methods to abuse it already. That certainly didn’t take long. At the moment its just some ammo glitches, but I have a feeling this is just getting started.

I doubt the Bungie team anticipated players would begin trying to find exploits so immediately, although I’m sure they anticipated gamers to pour over every inch of Destiny beginning on day 1. Sadly, most gamers are a very curious people, and some have found methods to raise a weapon’s ammo count to an amount that is virtually unlimited.

And that is not unlimited ammo on only the primary weapons, either, but also on the heavy weapons too. Because of this, players can freely unload bullets, rockets, and shotgun blasts without any worry about reloading.

It is not clear whether these mods could be applied to any variation of the game aside from the Xbox 360 one. Given that the Xbox One and the PS4 are comparatively new pieces of hardware I would be quite surprised if they could.

The great news is these unlimited ammo glitches probably will not impact play for others, even though it’s surprising to see mods for Destiny surface so shortly after release. This is because it seems limited to the single player stuff at the moment. Had this made its way to competitive multiplayer things might be quite different, but for now it is an opt-in scenario. Likewise, together with the just reported mods happening in the Xbox 360 version, it is safe to say lots of gamers won’t ever come across these modders.

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Have you ever encountered mods or any other strange glitches in Destiny? Have you ever seen any players utilizing the unlimited ammo mod? Be sure to get in touch if you have and let us know!