Destiny: How to Get Motes of Light

Mote of LightSo many people seem to be unsure of how to continue in a post level 20 world within Destiny. Learning how to get motes of light is absolutely crucial if you’re going to continue spending time within the game, and the goal here is to show you just that. First, its important to explain what these are for those who don’t know. It is essentially a type of currency, and many players seem to confuse it with the Light attribute. They are 2 separate things, however. You see, once you hit level 20 your xp bar becomes replaced with a bar for Mote of Light. Every time you fill this bar up you get a mote of light. Pretty straightforward so far, but obviously more explanation is required.

How to Earn More Motes of Light Within Destiny

There are actually a few different ways you can get these within the game. All XP you gain after level 20 will go towards earning a Mote of Light. This is by far the most simple, surefire and dependable way to get more of them. Be sure to check on your XP bar in your character screen to see how far off your next mote is. For many this means more grinding of a lot of stuff in the game like doing the daily Crucible and running strikes.

In addition to working the grind, there are a couple other ways to grab these. While they don’t drop from defeated enemies, you can get them randomly for completing the above mentioned strikes and Crucible matches. They can also sometimes be found in loot chests. Lastly, the more engrams you get the higher your chances are of grabbing a mote of light when you decrypt them, so there’s that. Some people have started farming rare and legendary engrams for this specific reason, actually.

What Do You use Motes of Light For?

These are important because they’re used to purchase various items in the endgame world of Destiny. You go see the vendor that is known as the Speaker and you can purchase things like Hunter cloaks, Titan marks, Warlock bonds, and Legendary emblems. You can find the Speaker in the north tower (left of the spawn point). You can also get some Exotic armor engrams by trading in Motes of Light to Xur.