Destiny PC Release: Will There be One?

When Destiny first launched back in September many gamers were left wondering if there would be a Destiny PC release. This is a bit of a bummer for many PC specific gamers that were hoping to join in on the fun using their mouse and keyboard instead of a console controller. Many think it is an odd thing and that it shouldn’t take much to port it over to the PC. Unfortunately, its nowhere near as easy as everyone seems to think. According to various interviews its actually a pretty complex thing to do, and isn’t likely to happen soon.

Since Destiny is Bungie’s first multiplatform game in more than 10 years (their first for Playstation), its already a pretty big deal for them. They do all of their game’s versions themselves instead of outsourcing the ports, which obviously keeps them pretty busy. They do their own quality assurance to make sure that the game is in the best shape it can be, too.

“So when I’m playtesting and I’m trying to play PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PS3, that’s a lot of work. Adding another thing on there is just crazy. It’s crazy to think of right now,” said Design lead Lars Bakken back when he spoke to Eurogamer about the issue. Add to that the fact that all of these different console versions connect to the same game world, well…there’s quite a bit of balancing to do.

Will We See a PC Release for Destiny? If So, When?

While there is still no fixed, official release date set for a PC release of the title, Bungie COO Pete Parsons has said that “I look forward to our future conversations around PC.” A bit vague, sure, but still, its hopeful. There’s even a rumor going around right now saying that there could be a release set for March 2015, though that obviously hasn’t been confirmed by Bungie or Activision. Its not likely that we’ll see this out for PC gamers anytime soon since all of Bungie and Activision are still so focused on the game in its current form (currently PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One), but some time in the future it is very likely that PC gamers will be able to join the rest of us inside of Destiny.