Dragon Age: Inquisition Artificer Guide

Dragon Age: Inquisition Artificer Guide
The Dragon Age: Inquisition Artificer is a specialization for the rogue that is able to use a variety of traps to deal with enemies. Many regard this as one of the more challenging specializations, and for good reason. However, its awesome potential makes it well worth it. This isn’t a character to leave up to the AI to control, that’s for sure.

Becoming an Artificer

First, lets take a quick look at how to become an Artificer. We went through this before in our previous guide on specializations quests, but we’ll go through it again below. The quest you want to get for this is called the “Way of the Artificer,” and you get it by speaking with Three-Eyes in Skyhold. If you speak with Three-Eyes and it isn’t available, make sure that your level is high enough (level 10+). The quest will ask you to get the following items:

  • Writing on artificer methods (found from the book merchant that is located in Val Royeaux, or you can get it from Varric in his living area).
  • Three alpha quillback spines (located close to the Old Prison Road in the Western Approach, Nazaire’s Pass, and the The Canyons).
  • 20 obsidian (find your obsidian in The Emerald Graves, Crestwood, and the Exalted Plains).
  • Materials to construct tools.

Use all these together at a requisition table (there’s one in Skyhold with the Quartermaster). Bring what you make back to Three-Eyes and then you will be shown the Way of the Artificer.

Available Artificer Skills/Talents

Spike Trap

Activated – 35 stamina – Cooldown: 16 seconds
In-game Description: You set a trap that, when an enemy approaches, detonates and flings enemies into the air.
Damage: 300% weapons damage

Watch Your Step

Upgrades Spike Trap
In-game Description: You can remain in stealth while using Spike Trap. and enemies are flung even farther into the air.

Set Them Up

Passive – Unlocks 3 Willpower – Requires: Spike Trap
In-game Description: You’ve mastered the proper placement of spikes and levers. When you spring any kind of trap, your enemies feel it.
Damage Bonus: 25%

Elemental Mines

Activated – 50 Stamina – Cooldown: 24 seconds – Requires: Set Them Up
In-game Description: You throw out an assortment of different traps in front of you, applying different elemental effects to enemies that come into range.
Damage: 50% weapons damage
Chill Duration: 8 seconds.
Fire Damage: 50% weapons damage per second for 8 seconds.
Shocked Duration: 8 seconds.

Throw Everything

Upgrades Elemental Mines
In-game Description: It’s now or never. You use every ounce of stamina you’ve got to litter the battlefield with traps. The more stamina you use, the more traps you throw.
Throw 1 additional trap for every 5 stamina.

And Take Them Down

Passive – Unlocks 3 Dexterity – Requires: Elemental Mines
In-game Description: Your experience with finding and pointing out enemy vulnerabilities gives the entire party a better chance to land critical hits.
Critical Hit Chance Bonus: 5%

Opportunity Knocks

Passive – - Unlocks 3 Cunning – Cooldown Reduction: 0.5 seconds – Requires: Spike Trap
In-game Description: When an ally critically hits, you take advantage of their success faster with reduced cooldown times.

Fallback Plan

Activated – 35 stamina – Cooldown: 32 seconds – Requires: Opportunity Knocks
In-game Description: You place a thieves’ lantern to mark a fallback location before heading into battle. When the fight gets ugly, you leap back to safety, as healthy as you were when you placed the marker.
Duration: 15 seconds.

Bait and Switch

Upgrades Fallback Plan
In-game Description: You can fight for a longer period of time before leaping back, and you pull your closest enemy with you.
Duration Bonus: +5 seconds

Tricks of the Trade

Passive – Unlocks 3 Willpower – Requires: Fallback Plan
In-game Description: You help the team make the most of its abilities, increasing the damage and duration of all status effects the party applies.
Damage Bonus: 10%
Duration Bonus: 10%

Hail of Arrows

Focus Ability – Requires: Set Them Up and Opportunity Knocks
In-game Description: You fire so quickly that enemies will swear there are at least two of you putting arrows into their ranks. While this ability is active, any archery ability you use is duplicated. This ability consumes and is powered by focus.
Tier 1 Duration: 12 seconds.
Tier 2 Duration: 25 seconds.
Tier 3 Duration: 40 seconds.

Combat & Gameplay as an Artificer

As mentioned above, this really isn’t a specialization you want to leave in the hands of the AI. It doesn’t handle placement very well, and that’s something that is extremely important here. Make use of the tactical cam a lot. You’ll want to focus on setting up traps in the perfect spots for your enemies. Elemental Mines is wonderful here with the passive talents in the Artificer specialization. The entire talent tree works together with Sabotage & Subterfuge very well.

That’s it for the Artificer specialization for Dragon Age: Inquisition. Take a look at our guide to specializations to learn about some of the other class specializations to choose from, if you haven’t already. Who knows, you might end up discovering another specialization that you enjoy even more than this one.