Dragon Age: Inquisition Character Profile – Blackwall

Today we’ll take a quick look at Blackwall, one of 9 companions in the game, and a Grey Warden. He is a human male Warrior with the specialization of Champion.

He is known only as Blackwall, and he roams about the world acting as a recruiter for the Wardens. He is very proud to be a Grey Warden, too, and is one of very few who actually volunteered for the task. He loves the life that they lead. and he lives to protect his companions and others in the land.

How to Recruit Blackwall – The Lone Warden

The quest to get Blackwall, “The Lone Warden” actually triggers automatically right after the second quest in the game, “The Threat Remains” is completed. For the quest all you need to do is go and search for a man by the name of Blackwall who is in the Hinterlands. The area you search for him is in the Upper Lake camp, and you’ll want to head to the southwest part of that.

You’ll find him hanging out on the west side of the lake itself, and since you can’t swim you’ll need to go around on the dry land. You come across him talking to some random people, and when you speak to him it’ll start a fight (its not hard at all). After that you’ll have the option to have Blackwell in your party if you so desire. Once you do this it will unlock another mission at the old war table.

Potential Romance Options

Blackwall is a romance option in the game, but only if your character is female. In order to pursue that option you’ll need to keep up a high approval with him by caring about those around you. You have to help others, show mercy to people who are up to no good, and things of that nature.

You actually have the option to start flirting with him pretty early on in the game, but if things get too serious he may end up pulling back. If you go through and complete the quest, “Memories of the Grey” he will end up offering to take you over to the Storm Coast for his next quest called, “Explanations.”

It is after this quest that he ends up leaving your party and Skyhold to trigger the last quest for him, “Revelations.” If you end up following him on to Val Royeaux and completing that quest, you’ll be able to talk to him in the Inquisition to solidify your romantic relationship.

Quests Specific to Blackwall

Quest: “Memories of the Grey”

You can get this quest through Leliana in Haven. You’ll want to have Blackwall with you for this one, of course. He has some maps that chart out past Warden outposts that are located all through Orlais and Ferelden. He is interested in seeing if there are artifacts that other Grey Wardens have left behind.

None of the artifacts are too difficult to find since your mini map will start beeping every time you get close to one. You’ll have to use your Search function in order to find them, of course. You can find them in:

  • Fallow Mire
  • Storm Coast
  • Western Approach
  • Hinterlands
  • Emprise du Lion

Quest: “Explanations”

You can trigger the quest, “Explanations” from Blackwall in Skyhold. Grab your party (with Blackwall, of course) and go up to the Storm Coast. You’ll come to a small grove camp where you’ll want to move down towards the southern side. There will be a cliff close by that you’ll want to search through. You’re looking for a badge.

Once you find the badge belonging to Blackwall you’ll learn a bit more about the life he used to have. Then you’ll finish the quest. Once you head back to Skyhold speak with him, and this is where the romance really starts.

Quest: “Revelations”

For the quest, “Revelations” you’ll have to head on over to Val Royeaux where you’ll find Blackwall stuck in prison. Speak with him to learn a bit more about his past, and then go and speak to Cullen for more info about what’s going on. After this you can decide to rescue Blackwall from the prison and have him rejoin you at Skyhold, or you can choose to have him thrown out of the Inquisition entirely. The choice is yours.

Special note: You don’t want to put this off until the end of the game. Do it before then.

Please let us know if you need any help or have any questions about any of the above.

  • Maria Squishy Mackay

    If you do Explanations do you have to romance him or can you end the romance and still do the mission?