Dragon Age: Inquisition Character Profile – Cassandra

Today we’ll be taking a look at Cassandra inside of Dragon Age: Inquisition. Born of noble birth, she has left such things behind to join up with the Seekers of Truth after her brother was murdered. Together with Leliana, she helped to start the entire Inquisition in order to find whoever is behind The Breach and to close it as well. One of the first companions to join up with you, she is a human female warrior with the specialization of Templar.

Her full name is quite the mouthful: Cassandra Allegra Portia Calogera Filomena Pentaghast. She thinks that the Chantry is still needed, though thinks that it needs to work on many of its methods. Justice is easily one of the most important things there is to her.

How to Recruit Cassandra

This one is an easy one. Once the game starts Cassandra will end up guiding you to the Rift and will then join up with you. After you finish up that quest she’ll be a member of your party. See, nothing more simpler than that!

Potential Romance Options

Cassandra is a potential romance option within the game for any race as long as they are male. As with the other characters just start things off by flirting a bit when you can. If you want to pick things up and move them along faster try and do all of her Inner Circle Quests when you can. You can also get Verric to write a brand new issue of Swords & Shields as part of the Guilty Pleasures quest for her (see more on that below).

There will come a time in Skyhodl where she will inform you that nothing is going to end up happening between you 2. If you continue to insist, though, she’ll end up giving in to your advances.

Now, if you’re in a romance with her you won’t be able to start things up with anyone else. If you want to be able to you’ll have to dump her before you can. Remember that.

Quests Specific to Cassandra

Quest Guide: “Guilty Pleasures”

Cassandra Allegra Portia Calogera Filomena PentaghastYou can get this quest from Cassandra inside of Skyhold. You’ll need to have the appropriate approval with her first. If you do and you end up seeing a scene where you find her reading a book written by Varric, you’ll get the quest.

Once you finish speaking to her go over and talk to Varric. He’ll talk about how his series of books haven’t been well received and be surprised that someone likes them. After you agree to him being there when you hand the book over to her, just head over to speak with Cassandra again and you’ll be done.

Quest Guide: “Promise of Destruction”

After you finish up “Here Lies the Abyss” you can get the quest “Promise of Destruction” by talking to Cassandra. When you get the quest you’ll have the War Map open up for a mission, “Locate the Missing Seekers.”

After you finish that mission you’ll have unlocked Castle of Caer Oswin on your main map. This is far, far east. Head on over when you can. You’ll need to have her in your party, of course, and then whoever else you want with you.

Once you get to the castle head on up the hill to the right and you’ll arrive at the castle’s gate. You’ll be attacked once you enter, so carve your way through your enemies as best you can. Its very straightforward, and there is no way to get turned around here. All of your fallen foes will drop some keys, so always loot everyone’s body.

After you go through the castle you’ll arrive at a courtyard that’s on top of a hill. You’ll have a cut scene and then a pretty easy fight. After you take everyone out loot all that you can because you won’t ever be coming back here. When done head on back to Skyhold and talk to Cassandra to finish the quest.

Quest Guide: “Unfinished Business”

You can get this quest by speaking to Cassandra inside of Skyhold. She’ll give you 5 different targets that you need to look into. They are all in different parts of the world. She asks that you have her with you when you look into them, but it isn’t a requirement. If you have her with you, though, it’ll up your approval rating with her. Once you tackle all 5 on the list the quest will complete. Here are the targets and their locations:

  • Ser Rebenger Torn: Found in the Hinterlands, the best way to get to Ser Rebenger Torn is through the Forest Camp (the one to the far West).
  • Leo of Lucien Bay: Found in the Western Approach in Echoback Canyon. You’ll need to unlock the north part of this area before you can get to Leo of Lucien Bay. This is done by completing a large portion of the main objective in this area first.
  • Ser Hildebrandt: Found in the Exalted Plains. You can find him in Crow Fens. This will have to be unlocked first, and you do that with a mission at your War Table. Best way to get to him is through Fens Camp.
  • Jepler the Unbound: Found in Emerald Graves. He’ll be in the far North East section. Best way is to travel over to Direstone Camp.
  • Gordon the Frank: Found in Emprise Du Lion. You’ll find him in the Elfsblood Tower at the North part of the Sarhnia Camp.

Quest Guide: “The Ideal Romance”

You can get this quest only once you’ve gotten enough affection with Cassandra, and you’ll need to have completed the Guilty Pleasures quest above while not getting her upset. If you’ve done these things you can get this quest from her when she tells you that she has noticed all of your flirting. She still pines for a storybook romance, though. You can end things here, or you can insist that you can be the kind of man she’s looking for. If you do you’ll open this quest up.

This quest isn’t too difficult. She wants to be romanced with all the normal things you’d expect: poetry, flowers, etc. You need to find what she wants and bring them to her. Here’s how:

1) Head over to Redcliffe and talk to a vendor there about some poetry books. Apparently the book you need isn’t there, so you’ll have to find who took it.

2) You’ll need to find the missing caravan for the dwarf that sells the book you need above. Track it down and get the book back.

3) In Val Royeaux you’ll want to speak with a gardener and have a conversation about flowers.

4) In Val Royeaux look through some stores to find some candles to bring back. Find the one you need at Pierre-Marie’s shop.

5) Lastly, go back and romance Cassandra by using the flowers, a book of poems, and all of the the candles you’ve found.

There you go. Quest over. Cassandra romanced! Looking for more about the various characters in Dragon Age: Inquisition? Why not take a look at Blackwall or Iron Bull (or both if you’re in a reading mood).