Dragon Age: Inquisition Character Profile – Cullen

Let’s take a look at another character profile inside of Dragon Age: Inquisition. Its been some time since we did one of these. Today we’ll look at Cullen, the 3rd advisor to the Inquisitor (advises on tactical matters). He is in charge of the military arm of the Inquisition itself. He is a human male Warrior that has the specialization of Templar.

His full name is Cullen Stanton Rutherford, and he used to be a templar in Ferelden. He was brought into the Inquistion by Cassandra Pentaghast after seeing him restore order to Kirkwall after the rebellion. He is trying his hardest to ensure that the Inquisition truly helps the people of Thedas.

Potential Romance Options

Cullen is a romance option for the female elf and human characters in the game. If you take every chance you get to flirt with him when you speak to him you’ll be able to start up a romance. Just make sure that you aren’t romancining anyone else. If you are, you’ll want to break those relationships off before starting with Cullen.

You can start up the romance not long after you get to Skyhold. Assuming you’re a female elf or human, your character will confess feelings for him, to which he will return them in kind. Then the 2 will kiss and you can progress from there. Given the fact that he spent much of his life as a Templar, lyrium is a rather touchy subject with him. Make sure you don’t order him to take lyrium when you come across it in the game. If you do he might end your relationship, or you won’t be able to romance him if you haven’t started the relationship yet.

Quests Specific to Cullen

Quest Guide: “Before the Dawn”

Cullen Stanton RutherfordYou can only get the quest, “Before the Dawn” if you decide to side with the mages instead of the templars. You can get the quest by speaking with Cullen in Skyhold. First you’ll have to find 3 red lyrium smuggler letters that are found in the Emerald Graves. While their locations are on the map, they require you to use Search to find them since they’re hidden away in those areas. Once you have the letters bring them back to Cullen, who will tell you that the Red templar’s source of red lyrium is near a quarry in Sahrnia inside of Emprise Du Lion.

When you go in and clear the quarry out, make sure to grab the bottle of Legacy White Shear, which is hidden away in the locked tower on the right of where you enter the quarry. Also be sure to claim landmark Sahrnia Quarry. Go back to Cullen with the info you gathered from your visit to the quarry. After speaking to him you’ll need to talk to Dagna, after which there will be a War Table quest, “Finding Samson’s Weakness.”

After doing that speak to Cullen about Dagna’s findings. This will lead you back to the War table for “Track Down Samson.” Once you complete that talk to Cullen again, and the Shrine of Dumat will be open for the next portion of this.

Head out to the Shrine of Dumat with Cullen tagging along. You’ll fight a behemoth, some red templar horrors, and guards. You’ll go through some findings about the camp and come across Maddox, the assistant to Samson. After that plays out talk to Cullen for more info. Go search through the last room and the one before that for clues on Samson’s armor. There will be 3 total that you’ll need to find: lyrium-forging tools, bottles of red lyrium, and a hidden note. The group will come to a conclusion about their findings and then you should head back to Skyhold. Speak with Dagna and Cullen and you’ll be done with this one.

Quest Guide: “Happier Times”

Pretty short quest, here. You can grab this one from Cullen inside of Skyhold. He’ll request that you go with him to Ferelden. There, he takes you to rural Ferelden to see a small lake. He’ll reminisce over his childhood and then give you a kiss. After you enjoy this time together you can go back to Skyhold to wrap this up.

Quest Guide: “Perseverance”

This quest is also given to you from Cullen inside of Skyhold. To be more specific, head into Cullen’s room and you’ll be greeted by a scout for the Inquisition. They will explain that Cullen has left to speak with Cassandra. You’ll have to have already finished the “Wicked Eyes and Wicked Hearts” main quest, or the main quest “Here Lies the Abyss.” If you haven’t, you won’t be able to get this quest.

After Cullen’s room head over to the smith near Cassandra and watch the cut scene. It seems that Cullen no longer wants to be your advisor, nor the Inquisition’s commander. Cassandra will ask that you speak to Cullen to convince him to stay. After this head on over to his office and speak with Cullen to further this quest. After you go to see him he’ll talk to you for awhile, explaining his past. You’ll have to choose whether or not you advise him to ditch the lyrium addiction or to keep taking it. You’ll have another cut scene later where you can back up or change up your advice to him. Your choice here has an impact on the Epilogue at the end of the game.

If you’re looking for more information about the advisors in the game be sure to check out our writeup on Josephine and Leliana.