Dragon Age: Inquisition Character Profile – Iron Bull

Lets look at another character inside Dragon Age: Inquisition. The Iron Bull is a fierce mercenary and potential companion that can fight alongside you. This one-eyed Qunari is a male Warrior with the specialization of Reaver.

While he is having a bit of an identity crisis when you come across him, that doesn’t mean that the Iron Bull isn’t useful. He does have a habit of indulging in quite a bit of debauchery, though. Despite all of this he still has control of a group of mercenaries known as the Bull’s Chargers, and still reports back to his masters in the Ben-Hassrath.

How to Recruit the Iron Bull – The Captain of the Chargers

You can get the Iron Bull in your party after you’ve finished with the clerics that are in Val Royeaux. Once your business with them is done go to Haven and talk to Krem at the chantry. He’ll ask you to go to the Storm Cost to meet his commander.

Once you head on over, at the very first camp you’ll be able to spot a beach-side fight taking place. Go on down and take out those that are hostile to you. After the fight you will talk to the Iron Bull, and you’ll be given the option to hire his group of mercenaries for the Inquisition. As a result he will join your party. The quest will end up finishing regardless of if you meet his demands, so keep that in mind during the conversation.

Potential Romance Options

The Iron Bull is a potential romance option within the game for either sex and any race. Basically he’s down for pretty much anything, despite not seeming to care about flirting at first. You’ll need to complete his first quest, Demands of the Qun (see below) and then he’ll start to warm up to you, assuming you have a solid approval with him (kill dragons and Venatori with him to boost his approval). Just make sure you flirt with him every chance you get from the beginning.

Now, after that first quest you’ll be able to show him that you mean some romantic business when he shows up in your room. He’ll then talk about some rules for your romance, and then after that a bit later he’ll discuss the potential consequences of furthering the relationship. If you’re down for all of this after discussing the consequences he’ll then bring up the topic of a special item, which triggers his last quest, “Tough Love.” If you finish the quest and give him the item, then you have the option to let everyone know about your relationship.

Quests Specific to the Iron Bull

Quest Guide: “Demands of the Qun”

You get the quest, “Demands of the Qun” from Iron Bull inside of Skyhold. Once you get it go over to the Storm Coast with Iron Bull in your party. Once there you’ll be informed about whats going on. After this Iron Bull will head off by himself to talk to his Chargers. To start the assault go and speak to him.

Once all of the Chargers leave go down the dirt path that they were in the way of. The road will curve, so don’t worry that you aren’t going the right way. There will be some small fights here and there on the way to your goal: a small camp. Take the camp out and light the bonfire.

It is at this point that you have a choice to make. There will be a small cut scene and you’ll have to advice Iron Bull on what he should do. If you tell him to pull back so his men live, the Inquisition can lose some resources that would come from the potential alliance with the Ben-Hassrath. If you tell him to leave his men to fight things won’t go well for them and he’ll be in a foul mood for some time, but the alliance will be in place. Note: neither option will really affect your relationship with him in the long run. In the short run, it will progress faster or slower, but it won’t be ruined either way.

Regardless of how things go you’ll head back to Skyhold and the quest will be completed.

Quest Guide: “Tough Love”

This quest will specifically move your romance forward. To get this quest you’ll need to agree to all of the potential consequences of a relationship with Iron Bull. After you agree he’ll bring up the topic of a certain Qunari item. Here’s what you need to do for this quest:

Get a dragon’s teeth by killing it.
Get 1 piece of obsidian.
Create the Necklace of Kadan with the above dragon’s teeth.
Lastly, give the necklace to Iron Bull.

That’s it for this character profile. Hope you found it useful. If you’re looking to learn about other charcters in Dragon Age: Inquisition, I’d suggest reading about Blackwall to start. Feel free to leave us a comment if you have a question about this character.