Dragon Age: Inquisition Character Profile – Josephine

Today we’ll take a quick look at Josephine, one of 3 advisors in the game, and the chief diplomat and ambassador for the Inquisition. She is a human female Rogue with the specialization of Bard.

Her full name is Lady Josephine Cherette Montilyet, and she has come to her current post through Leliana. She’s quite the diplomat, too, and is known for having plenty of grace and charm. She has been an ambassador inside of Thedas for many years. She is a firm believer that the Inquisition is the best option for stopping all of the chaos that is spreading across Thedas.

Potential Romance Options

Josephine is a bisexual romance option within the game, so regardless of if you’re playing a male or female character you can speak to her and move forward in that regard. To do so, speak to her in either Skyhold or Haven and take any romance options that show up in the dialogue.

There will come a time where she will let you know that Leliana was wanting to talk to you. When you get to that point go find Leliana and speak to her until the whole “Josephine and you” conversation shows up. Leliana will ask you about what you intend romantically towards Josephine, so just be honest here.

After that point head back over to Josephine and you’ll have the option to start conversations that lead to the romance with her. You’ll have new options available when you talk to her, so just select them when you can and keep speaking to her throughout the game to advance your relationship with her.

Quests Specific to Josephine

Josephine Montilyet

Quest: “Of Somewhat Fallen Fortune”

You can trigger the quest, “Of Somewhat Fallen Fortune” by talking to Josephine over and over again and inquiring about her family. After which she let you know what is going on with their fortune and then ask for a favor. To do said favor you’ll want to travel over to Val Royeaux. She’ll be there waiting for you in the southernmost area close to a courtyard. Before you meet her be sure you’ll properly supplied and rested up.

Once you speak with her you’ll go to a temp area with a small cut scene. After that scene its fighting time. Its a small area with some stealth enemies. Area based attacks work well here, and its not too difficult as your foes are most likely lower level than you.

After the fight is all over head back to Skyhold and talk to Josephine once more. After this the quest moves forward with an optional objective of having Leliana’s spies help you. In the event you decide to go that route you’ll want use the war map to run the mission, “Destroying House of Repose’s Contract”.

Regardless of if you do that optional mission you should speak to Josephine again and head back over to Val Royeaux. She’ll be at the very east side this time around. Once you talk to her here the quest will be finished.

Quest: “Heraldry from a Herald”

So after you’ve done the above quest for Josephine, all you need to do is go over to her office (you’re in Skyhold here) and inquire about whether or not her ancestors happened to be Orlesian. Then the war table mission will be triggered for the quest “Heraldry from a Herald” where you need to find a specific crest.

Once you grab the crest go over to Val Royeaux and buy it from a merchant. Then all you need to do is go back to Josephine and give her the present you acquired for her.

Quest: “An Unexpected Engagement”

Alright, so you get this through Josephine in Skyhold as well. Once you start the quest Otranto will come meet with you in Val Royeaux after accepting your offer of a duel. Once it starts Josephine will show up and get in the way.

At this point you can choose to end things with her entirely or strengthen your relationship with her. Your choice, and either way Otranto ends up leaving you 2 alone.

Special note: if you have the Underworld Knowledge perk you can actually completely discredit Otranto prior to your duel while you send Leliana’s spies off to gather intel.

If you have any questions be sure to let us know in the comments below.

  • woolard nicolas

    so ive recently completed the herald quest for josephine and ive tried getting the unexpected engagement quest to start but have unable to do so. i have done all dialogue options for her and i dont have any other dialogue options for her. I’ve also tried leaving skyhold and coming back to see her and still nothing starts. Am i missing something?