Dragon Age: Inquisition Character Profile – Leliana

Time for another character profile inside of Dragon Age: Inquisition. We’ll be covering Leliana today, who is one of the advisors within the game. While she was previously a playable Rogue (specialization: Bard), in this game she is in charge of the Inquisition’s scout and spy network.

Known by a variety of names, the majority of people call her Sister Nightingale. It is only to some rare few that she is called by the name of Leliana. She holds a very high rank in the Inquisition, and was brought into this role through Divine Justinia V, who is the same woman who saved Leliana from certain death at the hand of her old mistress so many years ago.

Potential Romance Options

Much to the sadness of many gamers out there, Leliana is not a romance version in the Inquisition. She just has too much going on to be concerned with such things, it would seem. So sad.

Quests Specific to Josephine

Quest Guide: “The Left Hand of the Divine”

This quest will be available after the quest “Wicked Eyes and Wicked Hearts,” which is a main quest in the game. Leliana will get a letter from Divine Justinia V that tells her to go to the cloister located in Valence. This is the location that Divine Justinia V was previously the Revered Mother. It is believed that there is something waiting there for Leliana, and you can go with her to help her find it.

Once you get to the cloister with your group, Leliana will talk about her past for some time, and then someone known as Sister Natlie will show up and greet the party. Leliana and Natalie will speak about the letter that started the quest for a bit, and Leliana will make note of some clues that you can use to find ways to open up a secret door.

Searching the nearby paintings will allow you to find these mechanisms. They’re hidden beneath 2 paintings in the statue room and 1 painting in the anteroom. This will reveal a secret door, and after that happens Leliana suddenly threatens Natalie with a knife. If you choose to do so, you can try and talk Leliana out of killing her. Based on the past interactions with Leliana, she may or may not listen to you. This is mostly based on whether or not you’ve talked her out of killing others in the past, and if you’ve talked her into caring if the people working for her are killed.

Once you go into the secret room you’ll find a box that is completely empty. However, once it is inspected further you’ll find that there is an inscription inside for Leliana. Again, your previous interactions with her will determine your conversation options after this point. After this is over head back to Skyhold and speak with Leliana to finish this quest.

Be sure to drop us a comment below if you have any questions about the above. To learn more about other advisors in the game, I’d suggest reading about Josephine as a start.