Dragon Age: Inquisition Classes

There are a list of 3 difference classes in Dragon Age: Inquisition, and each one has its own group of 3 specializations. The classes are rogue, mage, and warrior. All races in the game can be any class with the exception of the dwarf, who can’t become a mage. As far as the specializations go, you can only choose one, which is different than in past games in the series. If you aren’t familiar with specializations, they are basically just sub-class options that will help you to more fully customize and define your characters in the game. Let’s take a closer look.

Warrior Class

Warrior ClassWarriors are absolutely essential for every group you have that is going into battle. Highly useful for close combat, they’ll help take the most of your enemies’ damage and keep their focus away from your more fragile characters. They can also help to make an opening for your longer range characters to do their deadly damage.

Warrior Class Specializations

The more damage a Reaver takes, the more deadly they become. The bloodier the battle, the bloodier your enemies get. These guys are just nuts. You want them in the thick of battle chopping away.

Templars are best for fighting magical based foes. Mages, demons, and the like. They’re also good to help protect the rest of the party.

The Champions are massive armor wearers who soak up the damage like no other. You want a shield from all that damage trying to get to your more fragile characters, you go for a Champion.

Mage Class

Mage ClassMages, those exceptional beings who use the raw energy of the Fade as they choose. The ability to rain fire on their enemies, block paths with walls of ice, and even heal their teammates make them crucial members of any party. Their powerful magics also help to weaken their enemies and make them more susceptible to damage from other party members. Mages also have, in addition to their normal combat spells, an ability called Energize which basically lets them fix a variety of things in the world with their magic.

Mage Class Specializations

Rift Mage
Rift mages pull in matter from the Fade to cause damage to their foes. They can also twist the Veil into a weapon to inflict pain and a myriad of other things to those who anger them.

Knight Enchanter
The Knight Enchanters are capable of summoning weapons from the Fade itself to do battle with. They are also excellent to have around for when you need more defense and protection in a fight.

This type of mage binds spirits to do their bidding. Necromancers are capable of putting fear to their opponents, making spirits fight their enemies for them, and can actually create some pretty insane explosions when they kill off their foes.

Rogue Class

Rogue ClassRogues have a wide variety of uses in most games, and the Dragon Age series is no different. Rogues dish out damage, and a lot of it. They can use a ton of crafty tricks, bows, daggers, you name it. Often these characters will make heavy use of stealth and movement to get the edge on their opponents, either from a backstab or a sniper position.

Rogue Class Specializations

Assassins specialize in making death a work of art. They focus on making fast kills without anyone knowing they were there and on setting up indirect kills from a safe distance.

The tempest rogue make use of alchemy to cover themselves in flames and icy cold frost. These psychotic characters are a hoot and a half to be around, and every bit of dangerous.

The artificer specializes in crafting traps to distract and kill. They are extremely skilled at engineering for the sake of killing. Beware their traps, for you’ll never see them coming.

The classes in Dragon Age: Inquisition look to be as fun as ever. The specializations alone look like they’ll make for many an enjoyable playthrough, that’s for sure. Just make sure to try out a healthy variety of party combinations to see what works best and to see what you enjoy playing the most.

Release Date: November 18, 2014
Developer: BioWare
Game’s Website: Dragon Age: Inquisition
Where to Buy: Amazon