Dragon Age: Inquisition Knight Enchanter Guide

The Knight Enchanter inside of Dragon Age: Inquisition is a mage specialization that is able to use certain melee-based attacks. They do so by summoning forth a sword that they can use to both attack and deflect anything shot at them. They are also well known for being able to heal and revive their friends, weaken their enemies, and phase out of and back into existence.

Becoming a Knight Enchanter

First, lets take a quick look at how to become a Knight Enchanter. We’ve already gone into detail on how to do this in our specializations quests guide, but we’ll do a recap here below. The quest you want for this is called the “Way of the Knight Enchanter,” and you get it by speaking with Commander Helaine in Skyhold. If you speak with her and it isn’t available, make sure you’re high enough in level first (level 10+). The quest asks you to get the following items:

  • Writing on knight enchanter methods (found from the book merchant that is located in Val Royeaux, or you can get it from Vivienne in her living area).
  • Three wisp essences (get these from Pure Wisps located at Granite Point in the Fallow Mire, the Old Thoroughfare, and the Weeping Spires).
  • 10 lazurite (find your lazurite from the Exalted Plains, the Hissing Wastes, or the Western Approach).
  • Materials for a spirit blade.

Use all of these at a requisition table (there’s one in Skyhold with the Quartermaster) and you’ll make the Spirit Blade Hilt. Bring that over to Commander Helaine and she’ll show you the Way of the Knight Enchanter.

Available Knight Enchanter Skills/Spells

Spirit Blade

Activated – 10 mana
In-game Description: You create a blade of solid magic to make melee attacks against nearby enemies, bypassing their guard and barriers.
Spirit Damage: 400% weapon damage.
Bonus: 200% against Barrier and 400% against guard.

Defending Blade

Upgrades Spirit Blade
In-game Description: You deflect incoming projectiles with Spirit Blade, sending a shockwave of energy back at the attacker.

Combat Clarity

Passive – Unlocks 3 Constitution – Requires: Spirit Blade
In-game Description: The chaos of combat frightens some, but for you, its a comfortable rhythm. Your mana regenerates faster when you’re near hostile enemies.
Mana Regeneration: 50% if enemy within 5 meters.

Fade Shield

Passive – Unlocks 3 Magic – Requires: Combat Clarity
In-game Description: You draw back the energy released by your enemies in your attacks against them. Any successful attack strengthens your barrier. The more damage you do, the more powerful your barrier becomes.
Barrier Bonus: 30% of damage dealt.

Fade Cloak

Activated – 20 mana – Cooldown: 12 seconds – Requires: Spirit Blade
In-game Description: You surround yourself with the magic of the Veil itself. You are briefly invulnerable and can pass through enemies unharmed.
Duration: 2 seconds.

Decloaking Blast

Upgrades Fade Cloak
In-game Description: If you rematerialize inside an enemy, the foe is blasted back with massive force.
Spirit Damage: 1,000% weapons damage.

Veiled Riposte

Passive – Unlocks 3 Magic – Requires: Fade Cloak
In-game Description: Whenever you have a barrier active, enemies who attack you will take damage in return.
Damage Returned: 20%.


Passive – Unlocks 3 Constitution – Requires: Fade Shield and Veiled Riposte
In-game Description: You’re adept with defensive magic. Barriers you create take longer to decay naturally.
Barrier Decay Reduction: 35%.

Disruption Field

Activated – 65 mana – Cooldown: 24 seconds – Requires: Knight-Protector
In-game Description: You fill an area with magical energy that slows and weakens your enemies. Enemies larger than the field are immune.
Speed Reduction: 50%.
Radius: 3 meters.
Duration: 10 seconds.

Stasis Lock

Upgrades Disruption Field
In-game Description: Enemies caught in Disruption Field are slowed to a stop over the course of several seconds. Striking them ends the effect.
Speed Reduction: +49%
Duration: +5 seconds


Focus Ability – Radius: 5 meters – Requires: Combat Clarity and Fade Cloak
In-game Description: You call on benign spirits to restore you and your allies for continuing the fight. All party members are healed to full health, including those who have fallen unconscious, and a glyph around you provides continuous healing to the party for 10 seconds. This ability consumes and is powered by focus.
Tier 1: Glyph heals 2% per second.
Tier 2: Glyph heals 10% per second.
Tier 3: Glyph heals 25% per second.

Combat as a Knight Enchanter

You don’t have to be in melee range to be effective with this specialization, however it will be much more effective if you are able to get into melee range. Generally you’ll want to focus on getting into melee and then obliterating your foes. In order to destroy most things you encounter, people have taken to using a very effective mix of Fade Cloak, Fire Mine, and Immolate together with Chaotic Focus and Fade Shield. Obviously there are some core mage skills/spells mixed in there, but that’s how it should be. Play around with all of the skills available to see what you like best, but if you want to be effective these will serve you well as your most commonly used abilities.

What Type of Gear to Equip

The type of gear you’ll want to focus on here are those that boost your damage and those that boost your guard. There are some spawns of Fade-Touched Obsidian in the Hinterlands that you can use together with Fade-Touched Silverite to craft armor/weapons to help with generating guard. Boosting your damage is going to require that you are always crafting gear as you move through the game. You’ll want to go with a weapon that has the highest base damage you can possibly get. If choosing between gear, be sure and place more value on your offense slots first, then cloth utility, then leather utility.

That’s it for the Knight Enchanter specialization inside of Dragon Age: Inquisition. Be sure to check out our specializations guide to learn about other class specializations to choose from. You might find something new that you enjoy playing through the game as.