Dragon Age: Inquisition Necromancer Guide

The Dragon Age: Inquisition Necromancer is a specialization within the game that is specific to the mage class. They are capable of making use of spirits in the world that have been drawn to death. They can cause spirits to fight for them, inflict fear in their opponents, and are even capable of causing some incredible explosive damage when an enemy dies. If you choose to become this type of mage, you’ll be a master of indirect damage, will be able to leach mana and health from corpses, and can even continue to do battle after you’re dead.

Becoming a Necromancer

Before moving on, let’s see how you can become a Necromancer to begin with. This has, of course, already been covered when we wrote about quests for specializations. We’ll still go through it here as well, though. The quest that you’ll need is called the “Way of the Necromancer,” and you can get it by talking to Viuus Anaxas in Skyhold. If you try to get the quest and it isn’t showing up, ensure that you’re of a high enough level (level 10+). You’ll be asked to get the following things for this quest:

  • Writing on Necromancer methods (found from the book merchant that is located in Val Royeaux, or you can get it from Dorian in his living area).
  • Three Nevarran Skulls (get these by killing undead at Storm’s Solitude in the Storm Coast, Small Grove, and Apostate’s Landing).
  • 10 Bloodstone (found in Emprise du Lion and Emerald Graves).
  • Materials for the Jeweled Skull

Go to a requisition table (there’s one in Skyhold with the Quartermaster) and use all of these together. As a result you’ll make your Jeweled Skull. Bring this item back to Viuus Anaxas and then she’ll teach you the Way of the Necromancer.

Available Necromancer Skills/Spells


Activated – 10 mana – Cooldown Time: 22 Seconds
In-game Description: You unleash spirits of fear that terrify all enemies within the area.
Panic Duration: 6 seconds
Area of Effect: 3 Meters


Upgrades Horror
In-game Description: Horror inflicts even deeper terror unto targets and reduces their armor while they are under its effects.
Spirit Damage: 50% weapon damage per second
Armor Reduction: 20%

Death Siphon

Passive – Unlocks 3 Constitution – Requires: Horror
In-game Description: Every time an enemy dies nearby, you regain both health and mana.
Mana Amount: 20
Health Amount: 10%

Blinding Terror

Passive – Unlocks 3 Magic – Requires: Horror
In-game Description: You have learned to leave enemies vulnerable in their terror. Enemies that are panicked take increased damage from all attacks.
Damage Bonus vs Panicked: 15%


Activated – Focus Ability – Requires: Death Siphon
In-game Description: You increase the speed of the entire party. While this ability is active, all enemies move and attack more slowly by comparison.
Tier 1: Slow by 85% for 6 seconds
Tier 2: Slow by 85% for 12 seconds
Tier 3: Slow by 85% for 20 seconds

Power of the Dead

Passive – Unlocks 3 Willpower – Requires: Death Siphon
In-game Description: Killing enemies attracts spirits that increase the power of your spells for a short time.
Damage Bonus: 20%
Duration: 10 seconds


Passive – Unlocks 3 Willpower – Requires: Blinding Terror
In-game Description: If you are knocked unconscious, a spirit you control takes on your likeness and fights on your behalf for a short time. The spirit draws magic directly from the fade, casting spells without cost. You cannot be revived by any means until the spirit leaves.
Duration: 10 seconds

Spirit Mark

Activated – 50 mana – Requires: Power of the Dead – Cooldown Time: 19 Seconds
In-game Description: You mark a target with an attacking spirit, inflicting ongoing damage. If the target dies while marked, the spirit mimics the victims body briefly to fight on your behalf.
Duration: 12 seconds
Spirit Damage: 75% weapon damage per second
Charm Duration: 15 seconds

Lingering Mark

Upgrades Spirit Mark
In-game Description: Targets you kill with Spirit Mark now fight for you even longer and harder.
Damage Bonus: 75%
Charm Duration: 45 seconds

Walking Bomb

Activated – 65 mana – Requires: Simulacrum – Cooldown Time: 19 seconds
In-game Description: You curse an enemy, inflicting ongoing spirit damage, and then trigger the curse in a devastating explosion.
Duration: 10 seconds
Spirit Damage: 200% weapon damage per second
Explosion Damage: 600% weapon damage
Area of Effect: 5 meters


Upgrades Walking Bomb
In-game Description: If Walking Bomb kills your target, the effect spreads to nearby enemies, causing secondary explosions.

Combat as a Necromancer

While some people think of this as a weak specialization, its actually quite the opposite if you know how to use it. Certainly not a class for everyone, playing through the game as a necro is all about 2 things, really: spirits and doing damage over time. Since there isn’t much direct damage, it requires a different play style than your average mage. However, you can still build this character to be the biggest damage dealer of your party.

If you decide to go that route you’ll want to have 2 tanks to soak up the damage and keep your enemies far away from you while you make use of your crowd control and damage over time spells. Fade Step helps quite a bit here to keep you away from enemy attacks. Walking Bomb is going to be a huge source of your damage, and when mixed together with Spirit mark you’ll do extremely well. Especially if you throw in a fear based ability.

That wraps up the Necromancer guide for Dragon Age: Inquisition. Take a look at the other specializations to read about other potential character builds that you might be interested in. You may find that there’s another character type you enjoy playing every bit as much as this one.