Dragon Age: Inquisition Specializations Guide

Dragon Age: Inquisition Specializations GuideDragon Age: Inquisition allows you to get an added ability tree past those that you initially begin with. This is known as a specialization within the game. Now, there are 3 classes in the game, and then each class has 3 subclasses, or specializations. The following is a guide to help you in choosing which one you’ll pursue as, unlike previous games in the series, you only get to have one.

Feel like dishing out increased damage the more hurt you get? You might want to try out the Reaver. If you’re a fan of flasks and potions then maybe the Tempest Rogue is a good choice. I will assist you in learning more about each of these, and will help you to comprehend everything about the different Specializations within the game.

We’ll Cover the Following About Specializations

  • Unlocking: When and where you are able to start your specialty quests.
  • Specific Details: Information on what every Specialty is and does.
  • Info on Quests: – What is required for each specialty along with help on locating a few of the things needed.


You need to finish a quest for a specialization before you can get it. Every single class has 3 distinct specialties to select from. In order to get to those, however, you need to get to Skyhold first within the main game itself. You can do this after the first act is complete. After this you have to finish the specializations for the Inquisitor mission that is found on the War Table.

I’m fairly certain you can do this once you reach level ten. When I initially got to this point I wasn’t able to do it. Once I hit level 10, though, I could suddenly proceed with this.

Now, once you end up doing the above you’ll see that three NPCs end up coming over to Skyhold, and each one of them has a specific quest to grab your preferred specialization. You’ll obviously need to do the quest that they give you in order to have your preferred specialization, and as was mentioned earlier, you can only have 1. Choose well, because you can’t change it once you decide.

Specific Specializations

Each group has 3 to pick from, remember and each of them has their own set of abilities. Let’s take a look:

Warrior Class Specializations

The more damage a Reaver takes, the more deadly they become. The bloodier the battle, the bloodier your enemies get. These guys are just nuts. You want them in the thick of battle chopping away. Their damage goes up as they get hurt, they have an ability that drops their health so they can crank out tons of damage, and they are capable of doing life steal.

Templars are best for fighting magical based foes. Mages, demons, and the like. They’re also good to help protect the rest of the party. They have a nice variety of buffs to make everyone in your group stronger, and some that make your enemies weaker.

The Champions are massive armor wearers who soak up the damage like no other. You want a shield from all that damage trying to get to your more fragile characters, you go for a Champion. These guys have some nice defensive bonuses and can taunt your enemies to pull them away from others.

Rogue Class Specializations

Assassins specialize in making death a work of art. They focus on making fast kills without anyone knowing they were there and on setting up indirect kills from a safe distance. They have a nice boost to damage when they do it from within stealth mode, and they get some other nice boosts when they use stealth frequently.

The tempest rogue make use of alchemy to cover themselves in flames and icy cold frost. These psychotic characters are a hoot and a half to be around, and every bit of dangerous. They use a variety of flasks to get some nice buffs and their potions have increased efficiency.

The artificer specializes in crafting traps to distract and kill. They are extremely skilled at engineering for the sake of killing. Beware their traps, for you’ll never see them coming. They also get a nice bump to their archery tree.

Mage Class Specializations

Rift Mage
Rift mages pull in matter from the Fade to cause damage to their foes. They can also twist the Veil into a weapon to inflict pain and a myriad of other things to those who anger them. They can also weakn enemies, use portals and have some decent buffs with their magic.

Knight Enchanter
The Knight Enchanters are capable of summoning weapons from the Fade itself to do battle with. They are also excellent to have around for when you need more defense and protection in a fight. They also have a healing focus spell.

This type of mage binds spirits to do their bidding. Necromancers are capable of putting fear to their opponents, making spirits fight their enemies for them, and can actually create some pretty insane explosions when they kill off their foes. Lastly, they can place curses on their enemies and raise some corpses to help in their fight.

Info on Specialty Quests

You can grab the quest you want by talking to the correct NPC. Doing the quest will give you the specialization you picked. While you are free to grab each of these three quests, you can only actually turn in a single one.

Each of these quests will need you to find some writings, crafting materials, and will have you craft something in order to finish it. There’s about 4-5 types of items you’ll need to find, based on what you’re going after. The quest you choose will give you the specifics.

The writings that you need will be found with a companion with the same Specialization you’re attempting to have, or they’ll be with the book merchant that can be find inside of Val Royeaux. You don’t talk to the companion for this, though. Just go to the place that you find them hanging out and check around for the item you need. Well, that’s it for now. If you have any questions about Dragon Age: Inquisition feel free to drop us a comment below.