Dragon Age: Inquisition Tempest Guide

The Tempest specialization inside of Dragon Age: Inquisition is under the rogue class. This is a specialization that makes heavy use of alchemy as part of their tactics within combat. You’ll be making use of various flasks for various tasks, as not all of them can be used together. Learning what to use and when is going to help you out quite a bit in the game.

Becoming a Tempest

Let’s take a quick look at how you go about becoming a Tempest rogue. We’ve discussed this in the overview of specialization quests, but will go through it right now as well for your ease of reading. First off, the quest you’ll want to get is called the “Way of the Tempest,” and you get it through Kihm in Skyhold. If you’re trying to get the quest without any luck, you’ll want to first make sure that you’re high enough in level (10+). Once you get the quest they’ll ask you to get the following:

  • Writing on Tempest methods (found from the book merchant that is located in Val Royeaux, or you can get it from Sera in her living area).
  • Three essence containment apparatuses (get these by killing demons not attached to rifts in Long River, Apostate’s Landing, and Storm’s Solitude in the Storm Coast).
  • 1 rune of lightning essence (found in Crestwood and Emerald Graves).
  • 1 rune of ice essence (found in the Hinterlands).
  • Materials for a bottle of smoke.

Go to a requisition table (there’s one in Skyhold with the Quartermaster) and use all of these items together. As a result you’ll make your bottle of smoke. Bring that back to Kihm and then you’ll be taught the Way of the Tempest.

Available Tempest Skills/Talents

Flask of Frost

Activated – 20 stamina – Cooldown: 32 seconds
In-game Description: This flask coats you in an icy skin that increases your armor and freezes enemies that strike you in melee range. You can’t use this ability while another one is active.
Damage Resistance: 85% for 5 seconds
Freeze Duration: 1 second

Bitter Chill

Upgrades Flask of Frost
In-game Description: Activating Flask of Frost also taunts all nearby foes to attack you.
Radius: 5 meters


Passive – Unlocks 3 Dexterity – Requires: Flask of Frost
In-game Description: Your experience with elixirs has made you better equipped to handle potions and other consumables, letting you carry more of them at a time and giving you a 25% chance not to use an elixir when you activate an ability. This ability does not apply to healing potions.
Maximum Potions Bonus: 1

Ride the Storm

Passive – Unlocks 3 Dexterity – Requires: Flaskmaster
In-game Description: The effect of your elixir lasts longer if you activate one immediately after another expires.
Bonus Duration: 3 seconds

Flask of Fire

Activated – 20 seconds – Cooldown: 32 seconds
In-game Description: This flask coats you in flames that spur you to frenzied action. For a short time, your abilities cost no stamina, and enemies who attack you are knocked backward. You cannot use this ability while another elixir is active.
Duration: 5 seconds

Unquenchable Flames

Upgrades Flask of Fire
In-game Description: While Flask of Fire is active, all your abilities have no cooldown.

Fury of the Storm

Passive – Unlocks 3 Constitution – Requires: Flask of Fire
In-game Description: When your stamina is exhausted, you fight even harder, lashing out with fury to win the fight.
Damage Bonus: 10% when Stamina < 50%

Killer’s Alchemy

Passive – Unlocks 3 Constitution – Requires: Fury of the Storm
In-game Description: You can use more concentrated elixirs that give you an uncanny edge in battle. You do bonus damage with all attacks for a short time whenever you use an elixir or potion. This bonus is stackable.
Damage Bonus: 15%
Duration: 10 seconds

Flask of Lightning

Activated – 20 stamina – Cooldown: 32 seconds – Requires: Ride the Storm & Killer’s Alchemy
In-game Description: This flask sends you into a heightened state of incredible speed. Everyone on the battlefield except you moves much more slowly for a short time. You cannot use this ability while another elixir is active.
Duration: 5 seconds
Speed Reduction: 60%


Upgrades Flask of Lightning
In-game Description: Your Flask of Lightning is more concentrated. Time almost seems to stand still around you.
Speed Reduction Bonus: 39%
Bonus Duration: 2 seconds

Thousand Cuts

Focus Ability – Requires: Flaskmaster and Fury of the Storm
In-game Description: You choose a target, then dash to and fro- a shadow leaving blood with every leap. After you slice through other nearby foes, you land behind your target, striking deep. This ability consumes and is powered by Focus.
Damage: 300% weapons damage per hit
Tier 1: 12 hits.
Tier 2: 25 hits.
Tier 3: 38 hits.

Combat as a Tempest

You can choose to use archery or get up close and personal with 2 daggers. Personally, I like the daggers because it lets me make use of this specialization’s subtle abilities in a more efficient manner. You’re not going to have the same kind of damage as, say, the Assassin specialization, but that is made up for with your elixirs. Elementally, you’ll be in a better place.

Subterfuge will give you the stealth you’ll be needing within and without combat, and does very well when combined with some poisoned weapons. The Thousand Cuts ability can help you dish out damage to several opponents at once with one last killing blow to your main foe. Throw in some upgraded Flask of Lightning and you’ll be blazing through enemies quite nicely, while also being able to get those friends revived and back into the fight.

That’s all we have for the Tempest specialization. Be sure to check out our specializations guide to learn about the other class specializations within Dragon Age: Inquisition. There are certainly plenty of them to try out, and you might just find that you enjoy one every bit as much as this one.