Dragon City Review – A Look Into This Facebook Game

Dragon City is a Facebook game from the originators of the successful Social Empires and Social Wars games. The gameplay revolves around breeding kinds of dragon together, building habitats, hatching dragon eggs, and ensuring that all of these creatures stay happy and full of food.

Players walk through the fundamental processes associated with building, hatching, housing, and feeding dragons through an easy tutorial and after that repeatedly motivates them to follow these procedures through some quests. There’s not a particular “narrative” to follow, meaning the primary motivator for advancement will be to bring in cash, increase levels, and complete the “Dragon Book” with the very large variety of dragons. Some dragons can also be given as daily bonuses, and others may be obtained through the use of the in-game “recruiting pub” to get friends to help.

Dragon City’s monetization comes about mainly through its soft money “gold,” that will be needed for most jobs, including clearing trash-esque things. There’s no energy bar system so the primary means of restricting free players’ interaction comes by means of this money system. Successfully-bred dragons bring in cash over time, enabling the player to acquire bigger and bigger income flows over time allowing for slow increases. It should be noted, though, that once you hit a certain level you end up getting a quest where you need to birth a certain type of dragon. The living area for said dragon is pretty affordable for the average free player, but the egg itself is rather costly. Which means at this point you either need to do some hard grinding to get the money or shell out real money for the in game gold. This unexpected problem will probably prove offputting to lots of players.

Once the player reaches level 10, they can enter the PvP element of the game, called Dragon League. Here, players can attack others as much as three times every six hours and be honored with prizes including currency and experience. Many people seem to enjoy this element of the game, but it just didn’t do it for me.

Dragon City has some decent aspects to it, but it is lacking in a number of crucial areas for many gamers. The quests lack character and can be somewhat drab. The unbalanced money demands for hatching later dragons efficiently sets a solid “paywall” in front of the majority of players rather than slowly raising the problem. And the PvP element is uninteresting and underdeveloped. Societal Point’s preceding titles have performed nicely on Facebook, though, so it is definitely one to try out if you’re looking for a decent new game. It is experiencing quite a bit of growth in popularity, after all.

User Rating: 4.0 (4 votes)