Farm Heroes Saga Review

Like most games from the Facebook game developer King, Farm Heroes Saga gets some hefty cues from many other puzzle game mechanisms that are recognized. In cases like this, it follows exactly the same Bejeweled-like mould as the hugely popular Candy Crush Saga, which remains the current favorite of this type of game. That’s not to say that others can’t be enjoyable, though, and that’s what I’ll be covering in this review.

The fundamental gameplay of farm Heroes Saga will be instantly recognizable to those who have played Bejeweled or Candy Crush Saga. Various fruits and vegetables are swapped by players on a grid in an effort to make matches of three or more like-coloured items in a row. When there is a match made, it evaporates, causing things to drop down into the space that was made. Pretty simple to understand.

The primary differentiating characteristic from the games that it follows in the footsteps of is in what you need to do to finish the different levels in the game. In the majority of these, the player must fill a meter that follows their growth, which is really just the same old “score a minumum of one star” system used in most of King’s other games. That, and gather a particular amount of particular fruits and vegetables by matching up enough of them before running out of moves.

The game isn’t quite as sharply monetized as Candy Crush Saga is. This can be somewhat more reasonable to non-paying players than Candy Crush Saga, which had the possibility to get very costly quickly.

The game is definitely quite nicely presented, with catchy, unobtrusive music and easily-animating, high quality images, but it is impossible to discount how this is nothing more than yet another Bejeweled-like game. Which might be an unnecessary add-on to an overcrowded genre that King has declared its dominance over. Farm Heroes Saga may be a great-quality game, but while Candy Crush Saga continues doing nicely, there is actually not a persuasive basis for King (the developer) to release a second, nearly-identical game onto the marketplace. With King’s proven track record in retention and monetization, it is not impossible to see why Farm Heroes Saga is another successful game.