Fieldrunners 2 Review

Lately I’ve been a bit stuck on a specific map in Fieldrunners 2 (hence why I can spare some time to write this review). With this map I see myself becoming overrun repeatedly while I try to save up for some sweet lasers. When I place my trust in the cheapo Gatling guns instead of lasers, I find myself getting just what I paid for. There must be a happy sweet spot in between here. I simply have to determine the best way to get it.

There’s no subtle way for me to say this. Fieldrunners 2 will consume you from the inside out and you’ll love every minute of it. You will not find game-initiation that is unnecessary here, nor any embarrassing effort to mix genres. Fieldrunners 2 understands what type of game it actually is. It is a great one that does its job as a tower defense game, plain and simple.

You just drag and drop a tower onto the desired location on the display, and you’re good to go. Very simple controls. Tapping other things you want, like upgrades, are also very easy and straight forward. Like I said, you just give it a little tap.

The gameplay is something different completely, while the management scheme is easy enough. Others have said it, but there really is something for everyone in Fieldrunners 2. The nice chunk of levels that comes with the game (25 at the time of my writing) gives itself to every game style currently in the genre.

Like creating mazes? There is going to be some maps which will call upon your expertise at building plasma screen-shooting mazes of doom. Revel in the notion of Sudden Death? Need to just indulge in a conventional tower defense game? Hardcore enthusiasts will have an absolute ball here, however it may perhaps be overwhelming for those unused to the genre.

There are towers this time around for you to blend and match, if the substantial array of game styles was not enough for you in the first Fieldrunners. Also, Fieldrunners 2 additionally boasts an array of powerups, such as something that can rewind time and an allout aerial bombardment, both of which may be used to make life more manageable.

Graphics & Sound
The images are clear, sharp and outfitted with a luxurious attention to detail – you get to see some small bluebirds, for example. The music is excellent too. Nevertheless, morbid as this might seem, what I’ve found to be the most enjoyable are the sounds the small clone-soldiers make as they are turned into a charred, smoldering spot on the earth.

What actually makes Fieldrunners 2 an amazing game, though, really isn’t the souped-up listings of towers or how great it looks. It is the small things which make Fieldrunners 2 so amazing. Here, unlike in the previous game, the enemies are brighter and craftier. The enemies understand the best way to space out. The enemies understand the best way to make your life difficult. Most importantly of all, Fieldrunners 2 is incredibly free of in app purchases that bug you to pay more money! For its present cost, you will get everything.

To sum up, you likely should have purchased Fieldrunners 2 the second that it hit the App Store. It is pretty fantastic. It is definitely effective at standing shoulder to shoulder with the tower shield colossi in the App Store, although it might not be as radical as some of the ones that come before it. Now, go forth and purchase it.

User Rating: 4.7 (3 votes)