Freedom Planet Review

Freedom Planet is something you need to buy. Right this second. No, seriously! Not convinced? Allow my review to set you straight. Great voice acting, comedy causing cut scenes, adorable furry characters, amazing platforming action, an awesome soundtrack, and some of the top boss fights I have ever seen in an old school game. Believe me when I say I have played a ton of these types of old school games, and this one is definitely up there.

The game has Time Attack, Adventure mode, and Classic Mode. The primary game is Adventure mode, and includes a great storyline to play through. In Time Attack you basically just need to beat everything as quickly as possible. Classic mode has you playing the same game as Adventure mode, but with no cut scenes.

You can intially play the game as 2 characters, and you unlock another character when you play through the game’s story. Every character has different gameplay aspects, which adds a very enjoyable aspect to the game.

The game’s main hero is Lilac, a Dragon Speedster who attacks by using her hair as a whip, not to mention that she can dash about to attack as well. She additionally has an airborne spin that allows her to do a small hover double jump move while doing damage, but it can be difficult to control. Its really best to save this move for any encounters that involve flying opponents.

Carol, the other character you can play from the beginning, is a cat that does quick attacks and jumps around up walls. She also has a motorbike that you can start using after locating gas tanks scattered through the different areas. This motorcycle enables Carol to scale any wall & gives her a double hop that also deals damage. Carol is also the most easy to play out of the three characters.

Lastly you have Milla. You’ve got to unlock Milla by playing and unlocking the first 2 areas in Adventure mode. At the time of writing this she can only be used when playing in Classic mode. Supposedly Milla will get her own Story Mode in the future.

The boss fights in this game are challenging & fun. You’ll likely have a difficult time on both normal and hard with these guys. Every one of them is quite unique and to conquer them you need to figure out a specific strategy. Some of these bosses have chain attacks, and if you get and if you end up being hit by them its very likely that you’ll die. During the more demanding fights your friends will show up and help to dish out some damage or throw some health your way.

The only negative thing I can say about this game is that the FPS will, at random, drop from the regular 60 all the way down to 30 at times. It will then stay at this until you move on to another part of the level. This will, in my experience, only happen if the game is being run at a higher resolution.

All in all, Freedom Planet is exactly how games played back in the 90s, and if you’re looking for a super fun platformer then this is a must have. Buy it, and buy it now. You’ll be glad you did.

Release Date: July 19, 2014
Developer: GalaxyTrail
Game’s Website:
Where to Buy: On Steam

User Rating: 4.9 (7 votes)
  • Piers

    You can hear how they got 5 times the money they needed to make Freedom Planet without going after blogs or journalists or anything like that over at:

  • Guest

    My first ever Steam purchase, and Im still all over it :D Lets hope Milla gets her Adventure sometime!

  • Angus JL Beer

    My first ever Steam purchase, and Im still all over it :D Lets hope Milla gets her Adventure sometime!