Infinity Blade 2 Is Going to Cost More than a Dollar

Infinity Blade 2 is due to come out on the first of December, and it won’t be 99 cents like so many other iOS games. This big sequel to one of the most highly regarded games on the iPhone is set to cost $6.99.

Most games that come out for the iPad and iPhone are typically around 1-2 bucks, but Chair and Epic games say that Infinity Blade 2 is going to be well worth the price. The first game, after all, was a huge hit among both reviewers and gamers alike. Both titles run on the Unreal graphics technology, so they look fantastic. The gameplay itself is set to the tune of adventuring around as medieval warriors that use swords and magic to do battle with a ton of enemies over and over again, all the while getting more and more power.

The latest in the series shows off a wider variety of enemies, plenty of character customization choices, and so much more. It is looking pretty fantastic. Right now we’re trying to get an earlier build of the game to let everyone know how its shaping up. The game will be a universal app when it is released.

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