Kitchen Scramble Review

Many who live in a larger city are familiar with food trucks, as they often provide some of the best food you can find. These mobile kitchens serve up fresh cuisine, deep fried delights, and so much more. Kitchen Scramble is a time management game based around an entrepreneur who plans to dish out a menu with great variety from her very own food truck. It is a great aspiration to have; though it should be mentioned that the core gameplay is essentially the exact same as many others in this genre.

The cook goes by the name of Pepper Mills, a young woman harboring large aspirations about serving food that is wholesome to the people of her city. After Chef Crisp gives her some sage wisdom and motivation, she decides to start up a food truck.

Chef Crisp helps to guide you through the beginnings of owning such a food truck, and before long you begin selling delicious foods like the Pittsburger, Waffleton, and Molassessippi to the masses. There are a variety of levels to the game, and each one is teeming with all manner of hungry people. Kitchen Scramble feels a lot like a stripped down version of Diner Dash, basically. There is no seating with no cleanup: all you need to do is concentrate on getting food to your starving clientèle.

That doesn’t mean that Kitchen Scramble is not without difficulty, though it starts off softly to ease you into it. Your first customers just need dishes that are easy, like baked potatoes and fried eggs. You are expected to join ingredients together to make dishes that are more elaborate the further you progress through the game. For example, preparing an omelet needs one to combine onion, egg, and tomato, then pour the batter and fry it up. Likewise, fixing a burger needs one to fry up a patty, then assemble it with vegetables and a bun. This multi-tasking becomes frenzied and complicated fairly early in the game, which can turn some players off.

Your customers’ patience ticks down the more you make them wait for food, but when you serve them immediately, you will get paid nicely and will get a pretty nice tip. Whenever a fresh customer shows up, you’ve got a couple of seconds of down time while they determine what they feel like eating.

Despite the food truck spin on this genre, the frenzied time management combined with food preparation of Kitchen Scramble is not anything new. You are still in for a great time if you choose to play (and it is nice to not need to bother with chairs), but do not expect to be blown away. Also you shouldn’t plan on playing for very much time before you are compelled to rest (or shell out money).

The bottom line is this. Kitchen Scramble can be a joy to play if you’re in the mood for something that you’re familiar with, but otherwise it might just fall short.

User Rating: 3.5 (4 votes)