Pet Rescue Saga Review

Pet Rescue Saga is made by the same guys who made Candy Crush Saga, so its safe to say that its a pretty popular game. Like Candy Crush, it is based on cascading blocks instead of swapping items. The game begins deceptively easy, but becomes astonishingly complicated, particularly for such a casual game.

The mechanics of the game are not difficult to comprehend while still leaving plenty of room for a lot of variation. The game does a fantastic job of changing the goals up to keep it fresh as you play your way through 72 different levels across multiple surroundings. There are some levels where you need to clear the entire board, save a specific variety of pets with small moves, and more. Along the way, you encounter wood blockages, bombs, locked blocks with pets in carriers, and keys, fenced in blocks. You are always getting a decent challenge that isn’t quite too hard so as to keep you interested.

The principal similarities to Candy Crush revolve around it being free to play with added moves attainable through powerups, hearts, and of course purchases made within the game. There is also Facebook connectivity with friends to allow you to get through particularly challenging periods, and in addition, it works as the backend to save your level advancement crossplatform. One other facet is the literal addictive nature of the game. The game started with 72 levels initially, but is now well over 200 in a similar upgrade fashion as Candy Crush.

Each of these levels offers a unique challenge with many offering plenty of challenges, even if you don’t try to get all 3 stars. The game’s creators have done an excellent job of creating a link to the truly adorable pets. If there aren’t any matches left it is sad to see them quaking when they are on the top row where they can be tossed away. There is quite a bit that branches out of the initial foundation of the game, which is satisfying in its own right.

Pet Rescue Saga will provide hours of enjoyment, making it such a rewarding download. Not to mention that it delivers a completely new fitting experience that’s even more gratifying than Candy Crush Saga. Try it out, you’ll be glad you did!

User Rating: 4.4 (8 votes)