Project Spark Review: So You Think You Can Make It

Project Spark ReviewGet outta here, Minecraft, there is a brand new video game builder in town, and its name is Project Spark. Let me start this review off by mentioning that I actually played in the beta quite a bit, and I was wondering how an amazing game creation tool such as this would work on the Xbox. Turns out, I needn’t have bothered as it looks to be a perfect fit; the game’s absolutely customizable properties are simply out of this world.

By using a variety of simplistic tools you are capable to create just about any kind of game you can think up or would like to ever play within Project Spark. To dig deeper on this I’ve played virtually everything from Pinball, to Minecraft, Halo, and Tetris within the game. How individuals can recreate them within the game or come up with these some of the things they do is almost…magic. All of these are being reconstructed in a game that is free to play, also, recall.

Well, free to play with a number of in game purchases available, of course. There are various modes of playing that you can play for free on both the digital version and disc version. I discovered that in-game money costs were reasonably fair, so my real world wallet doesn’t get hit too hard with this new addiction.

“Void Storm” is one game that is freely available right away, and in it you’ll go through leveling up the heroes through the usual quests or monster hunting. Doing so unlocks distinct pieces of components and equipment you can use to edit and to create the heroes as well as the world. “Void Storm” is a brief, small episodic game and I am looking forward to future episodes. This is just one starter episodic game within Project Spark, however.

Along with “Void Storm” there is, in addition, the Crossroads where a streak of world building jobs are set to you personally. You are requested to construct the world which you’re playing in, from editing enemies’ headquarters as well as the actual enemies themselves, to their arrangement in the the world and the way you should take to go and fight them. As you are making these changes, the world itself will also throw in some components and random enemy encounters to keep things interesting.

After a string of tutorials that were rather confusing, which you should ditch for some online versions that are considerably better, you are set off to produce your own worlds and game styles. As formerly said, individuals who get it how to create their own worlds REALLY get it. I’m eagerly awaiting the kinds of games which other individuals will create down the line.

No matter if your interests lie in creating fun games easily or if you only care to play whatever other people can come up with, Project Spark really does seem to have something that can interest every type of player. It is an excellent tool which could be utilized to inspire younger people to get into a few basic game design elements, and that actually holds true for the older gamers among us, too. The menus themselves could use some work to be a little bit more neat and less confusing for people to use, but they are decent enough for the time being.

The different types of games that I’ve observed individuals creating since the release is simply astounding. I have no doubt that in the future lots of content will continue to be added as this will undoubtedly be supported for quite some time. The starter pack for the game is an ideal launching point for individuals to get into the action with lots of extra content. Graphically, it seems great as well, as the universe is your own to sculpt. Try Project Spark free of charge and get yourself a starter pack in the event you would like to support this awesome game into the future.

Release Date: October 7, 2014
Developer: Team Dakota
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User Rating: 4.5 (2 votes)