Skylanders Trap Team Review

Skylanders Trap Team ReviewWith reviews of Skylanders Trap Team coming out left and right, so far the game seems to be doing well in the expansion of its series of toys and video games. With so many packs to start with and platforms, its not exactly a walk in the park to write a fully comprehensive review of the title, but I’ll do my best. I’ve spent time with all versions of the game and its certainly fun.

With over 40 villains to get, trapping adds a fun new component to the game, along with a good variety of characters to use with no need for purchase any of the figurines. YMind you, you’re still required to pick up the appropriate elemental trap (some of which are included in the starter pack). Provided that you do not mind swapping creatures, however, you can use, for example, one water trap to capture all the water villains instead of purchasing a figurine that is separate for each.

Among the fantastic add-ons are the monologues done while you are adventuring about that villains do through the portal site loudspeaker. The haphazard comment from the overly talkative villain Broccoli Guy is hilarious and had us busting up laughing. Since Broccoli Guy has the power to summon up some healing, which is among the best villain powers in the game, he’s definitely a favorite. Villain capabilities can range between something simple like pure power to having the capability to freeze foes. Do a villain’s special quest like turning Sheep Creep into the black sheep of the family, and you’ll be able to evolve foes, which will also have an effect on their look. Note that villain developments are saved on specific traps. In case you swap the trap that you used to you evolve your villain to a fresh one, it’s going to revert to its un-evolved variation if you don’t complete the character quest once more.

The game also introduces Trap Masters, who possess the capability to get you to specific parts of certain stages in the game. Even though the Trap Master playthings feature fine detail and size, you simply get one with the beginner set. What this means is that you will have to purchase other Trap Master that focuses on different elements to get to see some of the content that is locked. Besides that, they actually do not bring any new mechanisms to the game as trapping can be done with older Skylanders, provided that you’ve the right trap crystal.

After you’ve managed to complete chapter 4, Trap Team additionally ends up adding in a third additional mode aside from the conventional 2 modes of gameplay (Battle Arena and Story mode). This mode, known as the “Kaos Doom Challenge,” is really rather fun, particularly when you play through with a friend.

The game looks amazing on next-generation systems. Skylanders is certainly better than quite a few games in regards to its narrative effort, in addition to additional conflict styles including Kaos Doom Challenges and the Battle Arena. The combat system, though, lags behind others when it comes to indulging player imagination because of its lack of a world building tool. The game can get pretty pricey, too, in the even that you want to go around collecting all of the toys for the game.

Overall, Skylanders Trap Team is a solid improvement to the Skylanders series. The trappable villains are what actually increase the enjoyment for this game, even though the Trap Masters themselves are not as large a gameplay add-on as say, the Swap Force crew. The Kaos Doom Challenge is a pleasure for people seeking new recreations in Skylanders, though. The bottom line is this: those who enjoyed the previous Skylander Swap Force game will love this one too.

Release Date: October 5, 2014
Developer: Toys for Bob
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User Rating: 4.5 (2 votes)