Sunset Overdrive Enemies: The Complete List

Looking for a list of Sunset Overdrive’s enemies? You’ve come to the right place. There are a myriad of them within the game trying to take you down, and we list each and every single one of them below. It should be noted that there are 3 different enemy factions, and each individual faction has a bunch of different kinds of foes. They mix it up, of course; melee, ranged, etc, which means that you need to approach them in an individual way with different weapons if you want to survive. Not all weapons and approaches will help you win against all types of opponents, ya dig?

Now, whats cool is that within the game you can actually turn the different factions against one another and watch them go crazy killing each other. Definitely fun to watch, and certainly something you should try and do.

Fizzco Robots Faction

Fizzco RobotsThe Fizzco Robots were made by the Fizzco Corporation in order to get rid of any proof that their Overcharge drink has completely messed up Sunset City. And by getting rid of proof, I mean going around killing every single person still alive. Since these are robots they can be a bit harder to destroy than the other factions. In a lot of cases you’re going to need some weapons that are setup to be especially harmful to these guys.

List of Fizzco Robots Enemies

Fizzco Blade Bot:
These are a very fast moving robot due to it wanting to melee you to death with its crazy fast blade. They are good at dodging and can attack very quickly with their weapons, making them quite challenging. Often you’ll want to use some larger area based explosions to take them out, or you’ll want some electric based weaponry.

Fizzco Bomb Bot:
These robots have a huge cannon attached to them and try to completely cover an area with some electric bombs. They can also fire off beams of energy. You’ll need some weapons that dish out a lot of damage to take the Bomb Bots down as they don’t go down easily.

Fizzco Rifle Bot:
These are the most commonly seen robots, and they aren’t easy as they never let up with their attacks. Since they’re rifle bots as the name suggests, they try and avoid melee combat. Instead they fire off electric shots in a straight line towards their foes. A lot of attacks won’t do much against the robots, and as such you’ll want to go with something electric based to take them on with.

Fizzco Tank Bot:
These are easily one of the hardest opponents in the entire game. The Tank Bots are extremely difficult to destroy, even when using the highest damage dealing weapon you have. They like to cover areas with electric based traps and fire off homing missiles. Your best bet here is to use a Freeze Bomb on them first, and then follow it up with the most powerful weaons you have.

The OD Faction

The ODKnown as The OD, these guys are humans that have been mutated by drinking Fizzco’s energy drink. OD stands for “Overcharge Drinkers”, which comes from the name of the energy drink they enjoy. They are absolutely insane, to put it mildly. They move about in large groups and show up anywhere and everywhere. Their mutation makes them constantly want more Overcharge to consume, so they often end up gathering wherever there’s some Overcharge to be had.

List of The OD Enemies

The Mugger: Muggers can be pretty viscous up close. They’re quick and they can seriously hurt if you let them. Best advice here would be to take them down with some ranged firepower.

The Popper: These guys are the kamikazes of the game. They’ll get close to you and then self-explode. They’ll shriek their lungs out chasing you and will absolutely hop on those grindrails for a chance to blow you up. Their explosions can hurt other opponents as well as you. Feel free to finish them off with a melee, as they only blow up when its of their own choice.

The Spawner:
These live up to their name. The Spawners will have your average OD enemy climbing out of the garbage bin it carries around on its back.

The Herker:
These are some painful, very large mutants. Due to their size they can be a challenge to take out. They can toss other mutants at you due to their size, and for some reason one of their arms is much larger than the other. That arm has a large excavating bucket at the end of it, so be sure to watch the melee with them. Best to keep your distance.

The Blower:
These mutants have a right arm that is a…uh, er…leaf blower, it would seem. Scary, I know. Don’t let the Blowers fool you, though, as they use this leaf-blower-arm to spray a bunch of very toxic gunk at you.

The Gunker:
The Gunkers have some interesting abilities based on their mutating taking place inside of a hot dog factory. They can throw a bunch of frozen…stuff, at you, in addition to an icy breath and frozen mines. You can spot them by the hot dogs protruding from their icy-mutant bodies.

The Winger:
The Wingers inside of Sunset Overdrive can be pretty freaky. Why, you might ask. Well, they can fly, first of all. Not to mention that they breath fire and apparently spawn a bunch of gross boils that explode. Very nice.

The Scabs Faction

The ScabsThe Scabs are actually the 2nd enemy that you end up fighting within the game. They’re basically a bunch of psychotic people running around who like to loot everything in sight, pick on sad survivors with their guns, and just generally be crazy. You generally see them in groups, and by see them I mean run into them because they like to hide and then pop out and shoot you before you notice them. Best to avoid casually walking around in the middle of the streets, ya know? One of the best ways to deal with them is usually to use a high-impact gun.

List of The Scabs Enemies

Scab Rusher:
The name for these guys says it all. They try and rush you ASAP. They attack fast with some spikey bats, but they have no ranged weapons. For them its best to keep moving and keep your distance while you take them down with your preferred weapon.

Scab Shooter:
The most common of The Scabs, the Shooters will do just that: shoot at you. They have some solid range, too, and try to kill you quickly before you can get within range for your own weapons. If you keep moving you should be ok, though. If you try to melee they will return the favor with the butt of their guns, just fyi. A nice fire based weapon does nicely against them (they’ll run around in pain if they catch fire).

Scab Tosser:
These big guys like to use some very large proximity mine launchers to take you out. The Tossers are definitely ones to watch out for. If you see the mine flying towards you, you should be able to dodge by keeping an eye out for the red circles. Keep your distance as they blow if you get too close. If they happen to stick to you (when initially launched), you can get it off by doing a dodge roll.

List of Enemy Bosses

The once cute mascot for Fizzco, you’ll see mentions of Fizzie all around the city. You can even collect balloons in his likeness. Apparently he doesn’t like it when you trespass, though, and comes out trying to fry you with rockets and laser eyes.

Norton Dragon:
Like all dragons, Norton Dragon is a tough fight. You’ll have to dodge fireballs and OD to get to him, and its not easy. He also has some spikes on his back to avoid, of course, so watch out for that.

King Scab:
King Scab is, ya know, the king of The Scabs faction. He wears a, er… mask and a crown. Oh yea, and some really short shorts. Apparently he likes roller coasters and calling people nerds. One of the stranger boss fights in my gaming life, I think.

The Building:
This here is the final boss of the game, folks. A building. Yes, you read that correctly. You fight a building. It fires off some deadly electrical currents that you’ll have to jump over, among other things.

I hope this list of enemies has helped you out. Sunset Overdrive is a fantastic game with some awesome artwork. The opponents you face in the game are challenging, fun, and have some nice humor. Don’t forget that you’ll need to keep mixing up the types of weapons you use and the way you attack, as not all combat is going to be the same within the game.