Sunset Overdrive Factions

The Factions within Sunset Overdrive are various groups of people you’ll encounter throughout the game. These groups are survivors that have set themselves apart from your typical scared folk within the game. As you go through you’ll encounter plenty of these various factions, some of which will need your help, and some of which will want to kill you. Let’s take a look.

Friendly Factions

The Oxfords

The OxfordsThe Oxfords are the very first group of survivors that you’ll encounter within the game. As the smallest group they’re basically a bunch of lazy college students that sit around texting each other. They also happen to be extremely technologically gifted and intelligent, and are actually quite useful. These guys hang out at a kid’s pizza place, and you are introduced through one of their members, Sam.

Troop Bushido

Troop BushidoIts not at all strange to see that Troop Bushido managed to survive through the apocalypse. When you consider that they’ve given over their lives to the ways of the ancient samurai, live in a Japanese museum, and are basically boy scouts turned samurai, it actually makes perfect sense that they’d survive such an ordeal with no issues whatsoever.

The Fargarths

The FargarthsThe Fargaths are an interesting bunch. You know those guys who run around parks dressed up in fantasty gear smacking each other with swords? Well, this is how they’d deal with an apocolypse, apparently. This seems to be the ultimate way of life for these Live Action Role Players. At least, it would be if they were better equipped for fighting a bunch of psycho mutants.

Hostile Factions

The Scabs

The ScabsThe Scabs are the main human enemy faction within Sunset Overdrive. These are are the type of people you’d see out looting and pillaging a city the first chance they get. Obviously you can’t fight them the same way you go about fighting mutants, so they offer some nice variation to the overall gameplay.

FizzCo Bots

FizzCo BotsThis evil robot army polices Sunset City, and sport some pretty dangerous weaponry. They’re extremely mobile, well armored, and can be a challenge both ranged and close up. Take special care in your encounters with them.

The factions within Sunset Overdrive really have multiple purposes here. They are there to mix up the gameplay and combat while offering some satirical entertainment. You’ll likely hate them and love them as they provide plenty of entertainment and plenty of challenges.