Super Hexagon Review

You may have heard about Super Hexagon. It’s a game which makes your brain feel like it is being torn up and stitched by a drunken physician in a back alley. It’ll even, sometimes, get you the experience where pulsating visuals send you subliminal messages that fool you into revelry or cause you to question whether you are appreciating it at all.

You’ll feel your head bending as you replay again and again, experiencing both ecstasy & rage when you’ve raised your record by a mere second while your reaction rate failed to save you from a devastating departure from this plane of existence.

What makes Super Hexagon this kind of addictive encounter is its simplicity. A small triangle that is stationed within the middle of the screen is controlled by you. By touching the right side of your display the triangle will be moved clockwise, while you move counterclockwise by presing the left side. Giving a simple tap will cause the triangle to move marginally, while you can achieve top speed by holding down the display.

I absolutely love that the levels are randomly created, while particular design shapes are repeated at distinct stages with each replay. The general aim will be to continue as long as possible without becoming destroyed between two walls while you are zigzagging your way through the labyrinth that is never-ending. The shapes will be going in one direction, while the whole rest of the map could be whirling in another direction. All the while you must know about every possible danger coming at you from every direction.

You’ll end up dying; quite often, in fact.The challenge with the game isn’t that its constantly messing with you and abusing your mind (though it is), its that your ability to complete levels is being directly tested. Super Hexagon is about analyzing your instincts, and your reflexes, response rate, memorization, and getting you to go beyond your limitations.


The colors are always changing within the levels, while the shapes beat to the excellent soundtrack from Chipzel. Wonderfully, the music tends to pick up at random areas of the track, which allows you to listen to something different each time instead of being stuck starting at the beginning of the same song every play through. This helps you to never get tired of the same music playing over and over again as with so many other games.

Restarting a level will become standard for you, as Super Hexagon is serious business. Amusingly, the lowest setting is Hard, going up subsequently to Harder and then on to Hardest. No easy mode here, kids. By passing the minute mark within a level you are rewarded by unlocking higher settings, like Hardester (yup, Hardester).

Super Hexagon is Terry Cavanagh’s (VVVVVV) latest creation, which began as a hurriedly put together job during a 48-hour game jam. Terry has grown from the first Hexagon, creating a much more satisfying experience for the iOS, with plenty of other operation systems to come down the line.

Super Hexagon is an easy game that keeps you extremely engaged without the need for lengthy plays, which is perfect for mobile. I say there is no need for lengthy play sessions, however that doesn’t mean they won’t happen. You will go in believing you will play a short game, but shortly find yourself playing through the exact same levels at least a few dozen times, fast jabbing the display to restart after cursing from the foolish blunder you just made. Each play through is worth it, though, as simply breaking your personal record by a second will give you a degree of gratification you wouldn’t expect to feel.

To put it simply, Super Hexagon is among the finest gaming experiences I have had lately, and not just on my phone.

User Rating: 4.7 (3 votes)