The Destiny Necrochasm: A Review of this Exotic Auto Rifle

The Necrochasm is an exotic auto rifle, and getting it takes some doing. You first need to have the Eidolon Ally, which is a legendary auto rifle. However, in order to get the Eidolon Ally you actually need to have the Husk of the Pit, which is a common auto rifle. You can get that common auto rifle from Blades of Crota, and then you can work on upgrading it into this exotic auto rifle. This gun does Arc damage.

This exotic weapon actually has the best Attack rating you can get inside of Destiny, but honestly that doesn’t make much of a difference. Now, this gun has a nice high rate of fire, and that is maxed out at one-hundred. If you enjoy using auto rifles with low Impact and higher rates of fire then this is a great gun for you to use. You’ll be able to empty your full clip in under 3 seconds.

Destiny Necrochasm Exotic Auto Rifle

As far as reload speeds, the Necrochasm can reload pretty fast compared to others out there. It takes about two seconds, which means that only a few other guns can be reloaded faster. If you take Flared Magwell you can actually bring that down even more if its important to you, though I’d suggest going with Fitted Stock instead. You could also grab the Cascade perk to boost your reload time if you get a kill with melee.

Lastly, this is a great gun if you need something more stable. Especially if you grab Fitted Stock and CQB ballistics, which I highly recommend doing.

The Necrochasm Downsides

Sadly, there are some downsides to this gun that make it less than acceptable. There are quite a few problems going on that, honestly, make it feel like it shouldn’t be an exotic. Especially when you consider how much time needs to go into getting it.

First up, the Impact rating is really low here. This makes it less than ideal for PvE. For example, you won’t be able to take down a tier 2 enemy without reloading. As for PvP, well your damage is going to be pretty low as well. You’re going to need practically every single bullet in a magazine to take down your enemy in PvP, with very little left over.

Ok, sure, its an auto rifle, and for the type of gun that this is, the low Impact might make sense. Except when you consider that the clip size holds a very meager 42 bullets. Usually you’ll see higher rate of fire auto rifles with larger magazine sizes…typically above 60. This means you’ll be spending a lot of time going through the reload motions with this gun. Compared to others of the same type, this clip size is just sad.

This brings me to the Cursebringer perk. This is what most consider the big appeal to the gun. At least, it should be. However, it’s not really great. It’s hard to get the precision shots that you need for this perk. If you do manage to get those precice shots (good for you!) you aren’t always going to get the explosion you seek. If that Cursebringer explosion happens its pretty fantastic, but it has a small blast radius and will only happen about seventy percent of the time.


Honestly, it does not feel like its worth the large amount of time needed to get Necrochasm due to how badly it performs. When it comes down to it, you essentially just get a gun that is decent for the kind of auto rifle that it is (higher rate of fire with a lower Impact), but that kind of auto rifle is pretty much the least effective kind you can get in the world of Destiny. This bad boy needs some kind of fix to make it worth bothering with considering just how much time you need to put into getting it. Just leave it be and go for something better unless you enjoy collecting various exotic weapons.