The Dragon Age: Inquisition Character Creation Process

Dragon Age: Inquisition Character Creation ProcessSo, Dragon Age: Inquisition is obviously out now, and it has been getting some pretty solid reviews. Its a nice title, after all. It seems not everyone has grabbed this just yet, though, as I am still getting plenty of emails asking about the actual character creation process. Its a big concern for many gamers since one of the largest complaints about Dragon Age 2 was how limited this process was. Well its back, and its awesome.

BioWare actually released a video via their Twitch channel where they showed off the process awhile back, but I think a lot of people missed out on that. They have one up on YouTube right now that shows it off quite well. I’ve included it for you to watch below. The video sums up the entire process quite nicely, actually. Essentially, the game will let you pick from 5 different races (Human, Qunari, Elf, or Dwarf) and some starting classes before moving on to your character’s appearance options.

Character Appearance Options

The options available here are by far the best that BioWare has given us to date. You can change everything from the face, complexion, eye color, hair style, hair color, and fine tune the other normal options we’ve all become accustomed to. There really are a LOT of options here, and most of them show off nicely in a cut-scene. You can even mess with eyelashes, eyebrows, nostril sizing, and both the inside and outside of your eyes if you so choose.

There are a number of base default option heads available for many of us to pick through that provides a general tone of the type of character you would like. This can be a nice jumping off point before getting into the specifics, or it can be a time saver if you don’t like to nail down exactly how every single part of your Inquisitor will look. It is really a bit like the Mass Effect games, actually, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

Changing Your Character’s Body

As for changing your character’s body structure, well…you can’t. For being unable to edit the character’s own body, the main reason is because different characters have various heights, and being able to change those heights could cause some view problems that are important during cinematic sequences. Its unlikely they felt like going through and tweaking every single piece of armor to be able to morph onto a custom body structure, either.

Sharing Characters With Friends

During the video someone inquired if players are going to have the ability to share the characters they create with their friends. However, the game does not have the ability to share and copy characters at the moment. They say that they might add it in as a patch in the future, but who can say for certain.

The entire character creation process can obviously take a very long time if you wish to go that route. If that’s something you enjoy, then you certainly have the option to create your very own, extremely realistic and unique protagonist. Otherwise, you can speed through it and still end up with a great looking hero to control during your time within Dragon Age: Inquisition.