The Infinity Blade 2 Rainbow Gem: Get It Now!

Infinity Blade 2 Rainbow GemThe Infinity Blade 2 Rainbow Gem is something that many people have been searching for lately. While it is now known as the Rare Defense Gem, it is still something that you’ll want to create as soon as possible for the amazing benefits it can give you. Essentially you can create it by fusing the 8 different elemental defense gems together in the correct order. The gem itself will give you a strong defense against every single element within the game (also known as a prism defense), and can be sold within the game for 20,000. Additionally, you can get a Rare XP gem by forging 3 of these Rare Defense Gems together. That gem will give you one thousand experience points every single time you make a successful hit. Anyway, on to the specific recipe you’ll need:

Special note before you begin crafting your Rainbow Gem/Rare Defense Gem

You’ll want to be sure that you don’t have any light or dark defense gems in your inventory that were purchased from the store before you start going through this. This is because you might get them confused with the ones that you craft, and only gems that you forge manually will be able to create the Rare Defense Gem.

With the exception of the light and dark defense gems, all other required gems can be bought from within the store itself.

Step 1: Create a Light Defense Gem

First, you’ll want to fuse the fire, ice, and water defense gems together in that specific order to create a light defense gem. You can buy all of those from within the store. The process will take you about 30 minutes, or around 1 month of time in the game.

Step 2: Create a Dark Defense Gem

In the 2nd step you’ll want to fuse the shock, poison, and wind defense gems together in that specific order to create the dark defense gem. Again, you can buy all of those from within the store itself. As with the light defense gem the process takes 30 minutes, or 1 month of time in the game.

Step 3: The Final Fuse for your Rainbow Defense Gem

Lastly you’ll want to fuse the light and dark defense gems (remember, these must be gems you’ve forged yourself) with ANY hexagon gem (keeping that specific order). This will grant you the rainbow defense gem that you seek. The process that this forging takes actually changes based on the level of the hexagon gem that you use. For example, a cheaper gem will have a much faster forge time, whereas the pricier hexagon gems will increase the total time for the gem to be forged. I’d definitely suggest that you purchase a lower priced hexagon gem from within the store for this as it will save you money and time.

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