The Only Temple Run 2 Review You’ll Need to Read

Soaring to the top of App stores, the first Temple Run has become among the most successful independent games there are today. The freemium program builds on the solid foundations of its forerunner, but does Temple Run 2 contain enough added attributes that are new to justify its ongoing popularity?

Gameplay and Images
The most noticeable upgrade is the greatly improved images. A lot more in-depth surroundings and lively colors add to the allure of the lost city. Other great imagery such as waterfalls additionally appear occasionally, adding a more realistic feel to the frequently-monotonous setting.

The game world in addition has been updated to contain mine cart sections and new zipwire areas. Players will occasionally need to slide rope ziplines or hop down and browse a net of mining trails deep within the caverns.

Imangi continues to be quick to issue a patch, although some users have found the new updated images have come at a performance price, with any incoming texts, e-mails or notifications inducing the game to lag. Having said that, such delays have cost the lives of many a plucky adventurer.


Temple Run 2 gains from keeping the control mechanisms of the first game. Players must utilize a swipe control system that is tried, tested, and enjoyed by everyone. Swiping at right, left, up, and down is how one navigates to prevent various risks along the path, including fire breathing statues and rugged outcrops. The mine carts are controlled by tipping one’s phone lets users pick up the coins, gems, and powerups along their path.

Coins are used to update characters’ various skills. Gems are in place, though, to allow people to restart a place where your character may have died.This appears to reduce the competitive aspect that has been so alluring in the first game to so many people. In Temple Run 2, high scores may be accomplished through spending actual money on gems, rather than perseverance and commitment.

Final Verdict
This updated version allows for a more diverse game landscape and graphics, and when coupled with the reachable management template of the first game, they make Temple Run 2 a joy to play. For lovers of the initial Temple Run game and players who are new to the Temple Run games alike, this sequel will please will please many and keep the boredom at bay at your convenience.

User Rating: 4.3 (3 votes)