The Only Zuma Review You Need

Sure, there are plenty of Zuma reviews out there, but trust me, this is the best one you’ll find anywhere. Now, its pretty widely accepted that PopCap Games know what they’re doing in regards to casual games, as almost each and every game becomes a massive success. Whether it is on a games console, PC, or cell phone, the addictive nature and simple gameplay has carved out a serious market in the gaming universe.

Never played a game like this before? Don’t worry, let me explain the simple joy involved with this game. You try to fire one of those colored marbles towards a series of other colored marbles, and if you fit three or more marbles together with matching colors, they vanish. You can create chain reactions that clear a lot of the sequence and increase time, if you time it right. What is more, you will have several powerups you can gather that will let you fire marbles faster, detonate segments of the marble cord, slow down the advancement of the cord, or even make it go in reverse.

Adding to the first simplicity of the gameplay is the small variety of game modes that can be found in Zuma. There are just two ways of playing within the game, and the main one resides in the Adventure mode. Here, you try to move through thirteen periods of changing spans, trying to clear each level of the game’s marbles. In the beginning, it might not look difficult, but the further you go into the game, the rate of the marble cord increases, the amount of marble colors in the cord grows, and the period of time a power up stays on screen falls significantly.

Adding to this problem is the fact that you will often find the game will begin to refuse specific essential colors that you want, and you will find the challenge spikes drastically in later levels. That’ll force you to cry, yet consistently bring you back for more. It is this interesting challenge which makes Zuma as addicting as it is.

So Whats The Final Verdict?
Zuma is among the greatest PopCap games on the market. In terms of the visuals and the music, you are not going to see any significant differences from the mobile variant and any other variation of Zuma that is out there. Overall, it is filled with engaging music, clean, clear visuals, and decent sound effects. You likely will not be able to step away from the game for long, so keep that in mind before you begin your play.

Release Date: December 12, 2003
Developer: PopCap Games
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User Rating: 4.3 (3 votes)