Top 10 Video Game Rumors From E3 2014

The dust has settled and now we turn our sights on teasers and new rumblings that stay a mystery after E3. Here are the biggest video game rumors that have been drowned out by the sound of E3 2014:

Rumor #1: Outlast coming to Xbox One
PC and PS4-exclusive survival horror game Outlast could be on its way to Xbox One. The game from Red Barrels, that was released on PS4 in February 2014 and came out on the PC originally, was recently shown for launch on Microsoft’s new game console on the USK web site. No such port was declared yet, though.

Thoughts: We can think of just one reason Outlast will not eventually come to Xbox One: Microsoft’s clause that demands that indie games be released alongside other platforms or on Xbox One first. Since its already on both PC and PS4, this could be an issue. Microsoft has in the past acknowledged it’s willing to make exceptions on a case by case basis, though.

bloodborneRumor #2: Bloodborne coming in March 2015
Bloodborne, the new PS4 game in development, could be out at the end of March next year.

Thoughts: Definitely a blunder, both reported March dates have been removed from any official pages, with the PlayStation shop reading ‘Coming soon’. It is difficult to understand if the real release date or simply a placeholder was leaked by the page.

Rumor #3: Titanfall 2 Already in Planning, and Will be Multi-Platform
Respawn Entertainment has already been at work when it comes to its recent new hot title, Titanfall, and the followup will not be sold exclusively on the Xbox One.

Thoughts: Although Titanfall 2 has not been expressly declared, EA has already affirmed it has signed an extended deal with Respawn to release “new Titanfall encounters” that are in the works. And it continues to be widely rumored the sequel isn’t going to be stuck into anything requiring it to be released just for Xbox One. With a multi-format release anticipated, it is only an issue of…when?

Rumor #4: “Hero” Might be Ubisoft’s Newest Game
Go ahead and add “Hero”‘ to the list of games that still have to officially be declared. 2 recent vids released online in mysterious fashion show 3 guys standing near their swords (and axe).

Thoughts: The videos, which appeared to be storyboards, were quickly removed, and the internet is left in wonder. Storyboards would additionally indicate the game, if it exists, could currently be in the initial phases of being developed. However, it is something to keep an eye out for.

Rumor #5: Nintendo’s ‘Delta Emerald’ brand hints at Pokemon remake
Might a brand new Pokemon remake be announced by Nintendo? Trademarks have been seen being filed for a ‘Delta Emerald’, triggering speculation that Nintendo could be remaking Pokemon Emerald.

Thoughts: Emerald was an upgraded variant of Ruby and Sapphire with content and new features, so it’d make perfect sense to finish the threesome on 3DS. It is also worth noting that Nintendo will sponsor a ‘special event’ for ‘a new 3DS game’ as declared in May. With an entire occasion dedicated to it, it is safe to presume it is a title that is major.

Rumor #6: Half-Life 3 is mentioned by some guy, and that whole thing starts again
It is the rumor that’ll never, ever perish. Ever. Half-Life 3 is just something that everyone hopes for, so that rumor will always be around. However, watch this and…well, get dangerously hopeful?

Thoughts: Yes it’d be huge news if true. If Minh Le’s statement (see above video) is precise though, it will function as the strongest indicator of the game’s development and at a least one reason to keep an eye out.

Rumor #7: New game from Guerrilla Games is open world.
Killzone developer Guerrilla Games is well into development on a brand new IP that is considered different from Killzone, as we understand. The most recently heard piece of info trickling out from insiders promises the game will be open world, which would definitely set it apart in the dead linear gameplay experienced in the Killzone games.

Thoughts: Its already been confirmed that this game has been worked on for more than 2 1/2 years already, so its about time to see what its all about. Hopefully soon.

Rumor #8: Dino Crisis reboot
Capcom is apparently focusing on a reboot of Dino Crisis. Based on gossip the reboot is set to be shown later this season. There was no sign whether it may be a remake or a brand new game completely, or of which platforms it’d appear for.

Thoughts:  This has been rumbling about in the backdrop for the better part of a year, and nothing has showed up. But the rustles are consistent. If there is any truth to this we’d best have our dino-radars out.

Rumor #9: Halo 5 might be open world
After a pretty safe release with Halo 4, Microsoft Studio 343 is said to be going far more daring with its second foray into the Halo series.

Our Take: We don’t have any new info on the gameplay, yet, so we will need to wait for that until the unveiling. Our speculation? New naming scheme, and the new hardware, with a new engine, implies that Studio 343 might be looking for some fresh gameplay to go with all of this.

Rumor #10: God of War Ascension to PS4?
Ok, so this is about as “rumory” as it gets. It has been whispered that God of War Ascension is getting a rerelease on PS4. There also have been rumblings at E3 of a new game in the series. So this could be that.

Thoughts:  The PS4 rerelease of the Last of Us adds credence to this, but it might be somewhat less puzzling if the bundle that is supposed to happen contained more than just God of War Ascension. Why only Ascension? It does not make much sense. Let us call this one half-likely.

What do you think about all this?
Is the Xbox One Titanfall looking too good to PS4 owners, or are they willing to wait for Titanfall 2? Are Xbox One owners wishing to get some of that Outlast action? Does we really want any more Pokemon remakes to be made? Tell us below!