Top 7 Games Where the Good Guys End Up Losing

Sad though it may be, the good guys do not always win. There aren’t any jolly alternative ends to be located here. Sure, the good guys typically win. However, sometimes evil does triumph, and you can’t do anything to change that.  Well, on that happy note, let’s get started! :)


1. Halo: Reach

This team is doomed from the beginning of Reach. We already are fully aware that the Covenant pursue the Pillar of Autumn to the Halo ring and destroy Reach, activating the occasions of the first Halo. And we understand that, finally, the war is won by mankind. Nevertheless, that does not make the end of Reach any less of a bummer.

The final conflict is not possible to win. The Covenant wipe out the remaining people on the planet into a wasteland. It is a tremendous loss for mankind, and a large success for the bad guys, although the war is eventually won by the good guys.

2. Red Dead Redemption

Sure, John was an outlaw previously, but he is a family man. So, when the good get gunned down at the finish by Edgar Ross, the bad guys are most definitely winning.

Marston becomes a liability, and thus signs his own death warrant, when he refuses to work for Ross. So the real end of the match is a triumph for evil. Sure, the player gets payback, but it comes at a vast price.

3. Diablo

Blizzard likes to make the player feel like they have won when they frequently have not. In the first Diablo, for instance, the hero loses himself to try and immobilize Diablo in a soulstone eternally; to cease him overrunning the world. Nevertheless, Diablo 2 immediately shows this is a move that is useless.

Why? Because the hero is only possessed by Diablo and carries on with his demonic company. Matters appear to go nicely in Diablo 2 also. The heroes conquer Diablo in Hell, and ruin the soulstones belonging to Mephisto and Diablo. Diablo shows up yet again in Diablo III, so it turns out that yet again, no one has correctly conquered this foe. Meanwhile, tons of demons are currently flooding through portal sites all over the place. Which is terrible, right? Yup.

4. Transformers: The Game

Alright, I confess, this is about the Deceptecon part of the game. When you’re playing an Autobot it is all happy times and gorgeous girls dancing around* when Megatron is defeated by Optimus Prime and saves the world. On the other hand, the reverse occurs in the Deceptecon effort. Here Megatron grabs the All Spark for his own gains and slays Optimus Prime.

All the electronic devices in the world turn into a Deceptecon. Megatron can subsequently use these minions that are recently formed to apply his will across the entire planet. His will, in this case, is to completely destroy mankind and leave a lifeless, barren planet. No happy times or pretty girls for you.

*I suppose this is what occurs. I haven’t gotten around to this title yet, actually.  ;)

5. Modern Warfare 2

Okay, so in a way the good guys have some nice success in Modern Warfare 2. Shepherd dies, yada yada yada. Joyful times, right? Well, no. Unfortunately, that is one little triumph in a world full of losses. Before passing away (violently), the Shepherd that is tainted manages to activate a disastrous war between Russia and America, one that demolished the White House and has killed thousands of civilians.

Additionally, Makarov gets away and Price is driven into hiding, a double dose of crappiness for the good guys. The entire game of Modern War 3 is spent trying to clear up the mess and the world is a much crappier area after the war between the U.S. and Russia.

6. Castlevania: Legacy of Darkness

Most Castlevania games finish in either a tie, destruction for everyone, or an extremely slight ‘triumph’ for the good guys. Consider Lords of Shadow. Sure, Satan is defeated by Gabriel, but then he becomes Dracula.

The game’s ending finds a diminished Dracula being defeated by Cornell. Hurray! Well, no, not hurray. You see, to get the better of Dracula, Cornell is compelled to give up his ‘animal’ powers… and that is just what Dracula needs. Ada’s kidnapping is a decoy that was setup to have Cornell give up his own unnatural powers, which is what Dracula actually must use to resurrect himself. And Dracula does just that. Bummer.

7. Singularity

In Singularity you’ve got a choice, right at the ending. It’s possible for you to shoot Demichev (the scientist who devised the Time Manipulation Apparatus), Barisov (the military man who needs it), or both. What? Alternative ends? Don’t get mad at me just yet; all of them lead to evil endings. Allow me to explain the different options:

Ending 1: Shoot at Barisov and you and Demichev team up, rule the world, become paranoid, and a super bloody war goes down. Evil wins. Ending 2: Shoot at Demichev, and the TMD goes to Barisov, which ends up being used to enslave the world. Evil wins. Ending 3: Shoot at both these fools and Renko uses the TMD to apply his will on the madness-fascinated world. Renko basically becomes Hitler. Evil wins. To make a long story short, becoming covered in a bunch of evil crap is unavoidable when you’ve got three guys like this deciding the destiny of the entire planet.

Evil Endings
Yeah, the good guys do not always win. There are lots of cases of games with multiple finishes that allow you to select the ‘poor choice’, but I believe the 7 games I recorded are the finest cases of the bad guys winning. Don’t agree? Tell me why below!