Unrest: Review of This PC Game

Unrest has built its entire world based on the fact that what you do in life has consequences. This RPG will challenge you to do the right thing within its world. The game itself is set in a time of famine in early India, and you take the part of several characters. With each storyline (all of them individual), what you do and encounter will have an influence on the general goings on in the entire game. Unrest will have you playing as a huge variety of characters through the game: a mercenary, a peasant girl forced into an arranged marriage, an old priest, and plenty of others. Each one of the people that you play has their own part to contribute, and each has many distinct options to make a change in the way where the game can be taken – but it’s your responsibility to determine their destiny.

The environments within the game are very immersive and look fantastic. Each character in the game has an alternate environment that they live in and play through, and even though this game is based around Bhimra’s city state, there are enough environmental differences to keep the game from becoming boring. The soundtrack within the game has interesting aspects for each of the people that you’ll play, as well.

Everything you choose to say to someone in the game will have an impact. When in dialog, a HUD is shown revealing dialogue choices; a sentence may be direct or agreeable, and all options will change another character’s feelings towards your character. This is something you can see on the HUD with words like “Adored”, “Admiration” and “Unconcerned”. Even if occasionally the effects are relatively tiny, the fact that the game is providing you with the power to shape the destiny of others is quite interesting.

The characters you play all orbit around a fundamental topic, although they have their own unique storyline. In other games, a few of these characters would be considered secondary, but Pyrodactyl Games actually makes you care about them. Not only will they be cared for by you, but you’ll frequently discover your morals being examined. You may become self-centered when in control of a particular person and you may end up working against their best interests. The opposite may end up being true in regards to other characters, though.

An RPG like Unrest will undoubtedly allow a pleasant escape from reality for a while, determined by how much you’re inclined to invest in it. It’s not without its flaws, though. Since the game is so centered around the dialogues you have with others, there are times when you might become bored by certain conversations, and thus, less interested in the game itself.

Final Take
Unrest does not offer substantially more than having dialogues, playing through as a mix of characters, and deciding in what path their lives will go. It might offer some entertainment for some time if you are a lover of role playing games that are driven by character development- but it is not likely to interest those new to the role playing field of games.

Release Date: July 23, 2014
Developer/Game’s Website: Pyrodactyl
Where to Buy: Steam

User Rating: 3.3 (4 votes)