War Thunder Review

Initially released on the PC, War Thunder is on a roll with all manner of gameplay goodness and stunning visuals. Still technically in beta, War Thunder has plenty of gameplay choices; several enticing add-ons are still unavailable for the moment, though. However, for paying absolutely nothing, you get a huge lineup of aircraft – fighters, fighter bombers, and heavy bombers – some respectable single-player and tutorial missions, plus the insanity known as Arcade Battle.You may have seen the great jumps forwards War Thunder has been making if you’ve been following this game at all lately. If, on the other hand, you have absolutely no idea what I’m talking about, then hopefully this review will help change that.

War Thunder is the competition to World of Tanks. It’s almost indistinguishable in all significant respects to World of Tanks. That’s to say, it’s a free to play WWII MMO, with an in game pay element that can help you win…well, everything. That’s not to say you can’t enjoy either one without ever paying anything; you can. However, it can be torture to put in the time it takes to get the gear you need in the game. Or you can spend a couple of dollars and immediately have more precise firearms, a first-class airplane with a strong engine and more damage resistance.

War Thunder, like World of Tanks, plans to serve up a complete war experience. That means air, sea, and land. War Thunder is in the final beta testing phase of the ground units in the game. Naval gameplay will be added afterwards, likely sometime in 2015. World of Tanks added airplanes after starting out with ground combat (obviously). As a comparison, the air battle of War Thunder is significantly better than World of Tanks, and as great as World of Tanks is, the ground combat of War Thunder is shaping up to be an extremely serious challenger, too.

Where these 2 games start to show their differences is in how everything fits together. While World of Tanks keeps all gameplay areas separate (no planes with tanks, for instance), War Thunder’s goal is to have every single type of combat thrown into the mix just like it’d be in a real war. Fly, drive, sail, all in the same game areas. Sounds exciting, no?

Speaking of everyone playing the game in the same area, the current plan for the game is to have both PS4 and PC gamers all in the same world. No separation of users.

Difficulty Gameplay Modes
War Thunder has three primary methods to play that are divided by difficulty levels. Arcade mode has infinite ammo and a very simple flight model, and takes place in zones that have canyons and mountains that have holes big enough to fly through and is completely made up. Realistic mode has a complete simulator, but does not need complete manual controls to play (such as fuel manifold and mixture, radiator settings, and more), and is set in historical scenarios with maps that are semi-precise. Lastly you have Full Sim mode, which has full manual flight controls and removes the player tags which make identifying opponents easy in the previous gameplay options. This last gameplay mode also forces cockpit view.

In the game every single nation has a few dozen planes, which means that there is so much variety that its a blast to jump in and fly whatever you might feel like on any specific day. There are all manner of bombers and planes to enjoy dog fights with.

It is absolutely simple to play this game with a joystick, or to fly with a mouse and keyboard if you favor them. It really is all about your preference. The images are excellent and usually run nicely on older machines. I believe that the game is beyond brilliant due to its fantastic design and gameplay elements. War Thunder will definitely be around for a very, very long time, so get in there now and start up some dogfights!

Release Date (Beta Releases): PC Aug 15, 2013 / PS4 June 3, 2014
Developer: Gaijin Entertainment
Game’s Website: http://warthunder.com
Where to Buy: Free on Steam

User Rating: 4.5 (4 votes)