Angry Birds Star Wars 2 Review

There happens to be so many Angry Birds games out there that listing them all would result in an opening paragraph that is insanely lengthy and irritating. Initially released in 2009, I am not convinced anyone could’ve called that the global empire Angry Birds has become would’ve turned out so huge. Rovio is no stranger to film tie ins, sequels, and spinoffs at this stage so the release of Angry Birds Star Wars 2 should be no surprise to anyone.

Initially, this sequel places you in charge of Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi (birdie versions, obviously), with the remainder of the cast coming in a little later on in the game. Sure, many like to groan at the prequel trilogy, but like Angry Birds Star Wars the films basically just function as the barebones framework for the game. Basically, instead of merely being in some arbitrary nondescript Angry Birds place poppin’ pigs, you are doing it on planets like Naboo.

More fascinating than the narrative framework, nevertheless, is that this time around you can play as the pigs for the very first time ever in an Angry Birds game. Not surprisingly, when you join the “pork side,” the pigs play very similar to their fowl friends, but with their own version of powers that matches their character.

Like other recent Angry Birds games, there are plenty of in-game purchases to be had. Luckily for those on a budget, you get these credits fairly liberally for finishing various accomplishments, which you can subsequently use for a variety of fun goodies in the game. Additionally, like the remainder of the Angry Birds franchise, this is definitely not required.

The other way you’ll be able to get additional birds apart from purchasing them in the game is by using Angry Birds Telepods, which are small real world figurines which you put near the front-facing camera of your phone to unlock that fowl in game. These seem hard to find outside of Amazon and stores that specifically stock Angry Birds toys, so keep that in mind if you decide to hunt these down.

It can be a challenge reviewing Angry Birds games as I am actually unsure what can be said about these games that is much different from other Angry Birds games. Most people by now know how the games play, and you’d be hard pressed to locate someone who has not at least attempted (and at least somewhat appreciated) an Angry Birds game.

Like the games that have come before it in this franchise, Angry Birds Star Wars II is a game that is great fun. There is a reason why the Angry Birds franchise has grown to be so huge, and that is because Rovio understands the best way to make killer video games that attract gamers of all ages. This game is insanely fun no matter what you’re doing. If you are just flying through all the levels with the birds the game comes with, or slamming your head against the wall while going for 3 stars, you’ll likely be enjoying yourself.

You need Angry Birds Star Wars II if you are still the slightest bit curious about Angry Birds games. Its just that fun.

User Rating: 4.8 (4 votes)