Destiny: Character Creation

Destiny’s character creation process feels quite similar to numerous other MMOs out there. When you first begin the process you are allowed to pick 1 of 3 different starter classes in the game. These classes are the Hunter, the Titan, and the Warlock. This is, of course, a very important decision as it will fully affect your entire gameplay experience as all of your equipment, abilities, and play style will be based on that choice.

Choose Character

Now, once you pick which class you want to play you’ll be taken to another screen to customize your character’s appearance with plenty of different options. You’ll also need to decide between the 3 different races in the game: Human, Exo, and Awoken. The Exo are intelligent machines, the Awoken are humanoids that have blue skin, and the Humans are, well, human. ;)

The facial attributes that can be changed are the overall face structure, the hair, the head feature, and different markings that you want. Also, the only time you’ll see your character’s face is when you enter into non-combat areas such as The Tower.

It should be mentioned that none of these options for race, gender, or appearance will change your skills or abilities in any way, shape, or form.

Destiny Character Creation

There are plenty of choices for those who want to be able to fully customize their characters within Destiny. Since you are allowed to have several characters within the game, you can create one for each class and change up their appearance for plenty of variety. What sort of character do you think you’ll end up playing?

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