Destiny: Vanguard Rep, Rank and Marks Guide

Destiny: Vanguard Rep, Rank and Marks GuideFactions within Destiny are different groups that can give you access to legendary gear. In this article we will be covering an explanation of, and a how to guide for getting the faction Vanguard’s rep, rank, and marks. This particular faction is made up of 3 highly ranked Guardians that make up the top of each class. Each one will sell you armor for your individual class, and you can find them in the Hall of Guardians (located inside The Tower).

Vanguard Reputation

You can earn Vanguard reputation by doing bounties, patrol missions, and strikes that are given to you by the Vanguard. You can earn Vanguard reputation by doing bounties, patrol missions, and strikes. The Vanguard bounties will give you the fastest results, though.

More on Earning Rep

In addition to the above, doing a Strike Playlist throws you into a random Strike mission with a random Fireteam. You can get some rep and marks through these. Doing the daily heroic story and the weekly heroic strike is another good way to grab some extra Vanguard rep and Vanguard marks. It should be noted that you can only do these if you’re already level 20+.

Note: Make sure not to equip a Faction item because that will cuase you to earn Faction Rep instead of your Vanguard Rep.

Vanguard Rank

Once you reach rank 2 with the Vanguard you will be allowed to buy armor from Ikora Rey (Warlock Vanguard), Commander Zavala (Titan Vanguard), and Cayde-6 (Hunter Vanguard). Once you hit rank 3 you can start buying weapons from Roni 55-30 (Vanguard Quartermaster). Every time you increase your rank past rank 3 you will start getting 1-2 Legendary items sent to you in the mail.

Vanguard Marks

The Vanguard Marks inside Destiny are the currency that you’ll use to buy the weapons and armor from the above mentioned characters. While you can start earning these once you hit level 18, you’re limited to earning 100 a week with just 200 in your inventory.

Earning Marks

By playing through the strike playlists and doing the daily heroic story and weekly heroic strike you can earn more Marks. Earning them does take time, and the missions are typically pretty challenging. The strikes are split up into four different groups based on your level. The groups are:

  • Vanguard Eagle (Level 18)
  • Vanguard Viper (Level 20)
  • Vanguard Wolf (Level 22)
  • Vanguard Tiger (Level 24)

The higher up in level you are the more Marks you are capable of earning through these. You can also earn Marks by doing public events in the game and exchanging some materials with Roni 55-30.

Note: Having a Faction item equipped won’t prevent you from earning Vanguard Marks.

Where to See Current Marks

Going to the Destiny start screen that lists the different planets (the Orbit Screen) will show you 2 different circles on the bottom right. The red circle shows off your Crucible Marks, and the blue will show you your current Vanguard Marks. When you have a full circle that means that you’ve hit the current weekly cap of 100 Marks.

Hopefully you’ve found this guide useful. useful for your time within Destiny. Vanguard Rep, Rank, and Marks shouldn’t be confusing things for anyone. If you’re looking for more info about the game be sure to check out the explanation of damage types. Our time inside of Destiny should be a fun one, not a confusing one, so be sure to get in there and have some fun!