Dragon Age: Inquisition Character Profile – Dorian

Time to take a look at yet another character inside of Dragon Age: Inquisition. Let’s look at Dorian, one of your companions in the game, and comes from the Tevinter Imperium, though he opposes every single fault they are known for. He is a human male mage with the specialization of Necromancer.

The full name of this character is Dorian Pavus, and he has studied at the Circle at Vyrantium prior to his disillusionment of them. He has always had a way with magic that few had. He believes that his home country can change for the better, but only if people like himself take action. He has joined the Inquisition to stop his country’s “moral decay.”

How to Recruit Dorian

There are 2 separate ways in which you can end up recruiting Dorian. It is based on what sort of choices you’ve made. If you side with the Templars in “Champions of the Just” he’ll show up in Haven for you to grab him. Take the side of the mages in “Hushed Whispers” and you’ll find him in the Chantry in Redcliffe Village.

Potential Romance Options

Dorian is a potential romance option for you in the game, but only for those characters that are male. Race doesn’t matter to Dorian. In order to start the romantic entanglement with him you’ll need to go through his quest, “Last Resort of Good Men.” When you finish that quest up you can go and talk to Dorian to let him know you’re interested. This will start up the romance.

Throughout your time with him keep flirting and making romance based comments, and then Leliana will speak with you about his romance quest, “The Magister’s Birthright.” After you finish that quest go and speak to him inside of Skyhold. He’ll talk to you about moving things over to your quarters there and then…well, you know.

Special Notes: You can end this romance at any time that you so desire. Also, if you end up killing Ponchard, even if it’s an accident, it will close off the romance option with Dorian.

Quests Specific to Dorian

Quest Guide: “The Last Resort of Good Men”

You trigger this quest by talking to Mother Giselle inside of Skyhold. If she gives you this quest she will probably be inside of the main hall instead of hanging around out in the garden. Most believe that you need Dorian to think highly of you, though.

Mother Giselle will tell you about the current situation, and then you can decide whether or not you want to tell Dorian about it prior to your meeting. Dorian disapproves of your actions, though, if you don’t give him a heads-up. After you decide that you’re prepared for the meeting head over to Redcliffe Village (inside of the Hinterlands). You’ll go into the tavern there to move forward with the quest.

You won’t have any fights to prepare for, but you will have a cut scene that has some options as to how it goes. After that you’ll see another cut scene back in Skyhold that finishes the quest.

Quest Guide: “One Less Venatori”

You can get this quest after you do “Dorian’s Request, which is a War Table mission. This is a pretty simple quest to do. Basically you just need to kill three separate groups of Venatori. You’ll find 1 group in the Exalted Plains and the other 2 inside of the Hinterlands. Just make sure that you have Dorian in your party when you finish this quest. His approval will go up if you have him with you when you take down each group of Venatori.

Quest Guide: “The Magister’s Birthright”

In order to get this quest you’ll first have to do the quest above, “The last Resort of Good Men.” After that quest is over let Dorian know how you feel about him, or you can also do so in Skyhold after the quest is wrapped up. After the romance starts up head over to Solas’s area and Leliana will send you a message, which will start this romance quest. Just remember what I said above about killing Ponchard: it will ruin your romance with him and will end this quest.

Once you have this quest head on over to Val Royeaux. You find Ponchard a tiny bit south of the entrance to the city on the ground floor. He’s tucked away in an alcove next to the merchant shop. I should mention that Ponchard might not be here if you have Josephine waiting for you for the side quest, “Of Somewhat Fallen Fortune.” Just do the quest and come back later and he should be here.

Alright, so head over to Ponchard and talk to him. He will only give you the amulet you seek if you agree to use the influence you have to get him into the Celestine League. Assuming you have Dorian with you, he’ll be pretty upset that you’re taking care of this instead of allowing him to handle this. His approval rating won’t change, though. That is, unless you decide to intimidate Ponchard. That will get you a bit of disapproval. You basically have 3 choices here:

You can agree to what Ponchard asks of you.
This will unlock a mission on the War Table for him. If you do this head on over to Skyhold and do the mission at the War Table. You’ll get the amulet once you finish it, and then go over to talk to Dorian. That will finish up this quest. You could “forget it” which will give you a small bit of approval from Dorian, and then move on by doing the War Table mission to wrap up the quest.

You can choose to intimidate Ponchard.
If you’ve gone and blackmailed Celene, Briala, and Gaspard to work for the Inquisition then this will cause Ponchard to give over the amulet out of fear. You must have blackmailed each one of them, though. This also works if you’re a Qunari no matter what. In the event that you have the Nobility Knowledge perk this will cause Ponchard to bring the amulet to Skyhold, though you’ll get a bit of disapproval from Dorian.

Lastly, you can choose to kill Ponchard.
You only get this option if you’ve tried intimidating him. Dorian won’t be happy, though, and you’ll get a large chunk of disapproval from him. If you do this you won’t get the amulet that you’re looking for, and Dorian will want no romance with you ever again. Sad, I know.

That’s it for this character profile inside of Dragon Age: Inquisition. Let us know if you have any questions in the comments below!