Dragon Age: Inquisition Rift Mage Guide

The Rift Mage specialization is obviously one that falls under the mage class inside the game. This is a Dragon Age: Inquisition specialization that can make use of some pretty awesome spells offensively. They can also use their Fade mastery to toss around their foes like they were nothing. They’re great for damaging large groups due to their focus on AoE damage.

Becoming a Rift Mage

So, first up, obviously, you have to become a Rift Mage. We discussed this previously in our specializations quests guide, but let’s do a quick recap here. First up, you need to get the quest, “Way of the Rift Mage.” You get this quest from your Trainer in Skyhold. If you can’t get the quest, be sure and check that you’re a high enough leve first (10+). Once you grab this quest you’ll be asked for the following items:

  • Writings on rift magic(found from the book merchant that is located in Val Royeaux, or you can get it from Solas in his living area).
  • Three Venatori tomes (get these by killing Venatori agents at the Desolate Bank in Ghilan’nain’s Grove, Halin’sulahn, and the Exalted Plains).
  • 10 ring velvet (found on the agents above in the Exalted Plains).
  • Materials for a Tome of Rifts.

Once you manage to collect all of the above items head on over to the requisition table near the tavern in Skyhold (with the Quartermaster), and construct your Tome of Rifts with the items that you’ve managed to collect. Bring the Tome back to your trainer and then you’ll be taught the Way of the Rift Mage.

Available Rift Mage Abilities/Spells


Activated – 35 mana – Cooldown: 24 seconds
In-game Description: You recreate your own fist from the essence of the Fade and smash nearby enemies into the ground.
Area of Effect: 5 meters

Punching Down

Upgrades Veilstrike – Cost: -10 mana
In-game Description: You cast Veilstrike more easily, and the blow weakens your enemies, causing them to do less damage.
Weakened Duration: 10 seconds

Restorative Veil

Passive – Unlocks 3 Magic – Requires: Veilstrike
In-game Description: You pull stray magic from around weakened enemies to regain mana based on the damage you do to them.
Mana Recovery: 10%

Smothering Veil

Passive – Unlocks 3 Willpower – Requires: Restorative Veil
In-game Description: Weakened enemies have the damage they inflict reduced even further.
Damage Reduction: 30%


Activated – 50 mana – Cooldown: 8 seconds
In-game Description: You summon a boulder from the Fade and smash it into your target, sending it flying.
Spirit Damage: 500% Weapon Damage
Use against a sleeping foe to rupture them, a frozen foe to shatter them, or a paralyzed foe to discharge them.


Upgrades Stonefist
In-game Description: The boulder summoned by Stonefist now explodes on impact, weakening and staggering nearby enemies.
Weakened Effect: 4 meters for 10 seconds

Encircling Veil

Passive – Unlocks 3 Magic – Requires: Stonefist
In-game Description: You use stray magic around weakened enemies to increase the power of status effects on them.
Duration Bonus on Weakened Enemies: 25%

Twisting Veil

Passive – Unlocks 3 Magic – Requires: Encircling Veil
In-game Description: You catch stray magic around weakened enemies and use it to increase the damage of your own attacks.
Damage Bonus vs. Weakened: 25%

Pull of the Abyss

Activated – 65 mana – Cooldown: 32 seconds – Requires: Smothering Veil & Twisting Veil
In-game Description: You create a tiny rift that pulls enemies toward a central point.
Area of Effect: 6 meters
Duration: 12 seconds


Upgrades Pull of the Abyss
In-game Description: You can cast Pull of the Abyss more often, and enemies caught in its effect are weakened.
Cooldown reduction: -8 seconds
Weakened Duration: 10 seconds


Focus Ability – Radius: 6 meters – Requires: Restorative Veil & Encircling Veil
In-game Description: You summon flaming meteors, raining fire down upon enemies all over the area for the next several seconds. This ability consumes and is powered by focus.
Fire Damage: 150% weapons damage for 15 seconds
Tier 1: 15 meteors
Tier 2: 30 meteors
Tier 3: 55 meteors

Combat as a Rift Mage

As mentioned earlier, you’re going to have some pretty strong spells focused on AoE here. As a general rule this specialization is stronger when it comes to dealing more direct damage. If you combine these spells with, say, the Inferno elemental tree, you’ll have some additional AoE spells to use while your Rift Mage ones are on cooldown. Since you’re going to find certain opponents that happen to be immune to the Inferno tree’s spells, its a good idea to get some points placed in Winter’s Chill as a nice backup.

There’s no need for Fade Step since you need to keep yourself setup further off than everyone else. You’ll then make use of Veilstrike and Stonefist, while mixing in your Fire AoE as needed. If things start to go badly, you’ll be able to use Barrier to get yourself out of the area as fast as you can.

That’s all there is this time around for the Rift Mage. If you’re looking for more info about Dragon Age: Inquisition I’d highly recommend checking out some of the other specializations in the game. There’s certainly more than enough of them to keep us all playing this game for quite some time to come.