Infinity Blade 2 Cheats & Glitches

The following includes Infinity Blade 2 cheats & glitches. This is a very popular mobile action game made by Chair Entertainment. If you have yet to download this very fun game, then be sure to check out our review and give the game a shot. You’ll be glad you did. Now, on to the useful stuff! :)

Endless Infinity Blades & Money Glitch
This glitch will let you get lots of cash by selling endless Infinity Blades that you’ll be able to get free of charge. Before you can do this you’ll have to have played through the game once already and fully mastered the Infinity Blade. Starting the game again you’ll go through the tutorial and fight the first big boss. After you defeat her equip any other weapon instead of the Infinity Blade. Sell off the Infinity Blade and leave the inventory menu. If you move on to view the cut scene, right before Siris (the main character) puts the Infinity Blade in the rock open up your inventory and you should see that you once more have the Infinity Blade. There should be another cut scene after this cutscene finishes. When that cut scene first begins open up your options and navigate to restart rebirth 1. This should make the game begin again from the tutorial’s intro.

This time around, assuming you’ve used the correct gear (Eidius, Nodus, Seratic Armor, and Ring of Ice and Fire), you’ll end up with 2 of every single one of those items. Sell them off. Assuming you followed along with everything above you’ll have earned well over $380,000. You can do this whole process repeatedly and earn that much every single time. You can repeat the process however often you’d like.

Amazing Gem for Free
When you first go through the intro tutorial you gain a +100 water attack gem that you can put on your infinity blade. Immediately remove it. After you’ve started the rebirth and completed the tutorial, this gem will be sitting there for you to use. As soon as you get the opportunity, equip it, and you’ll have an awesome +100 attack gem to carry with you always.
NOTE: Sure, you could go and sell the gem for a ton of gold, but you’ll be hard pressed to find something as good as this gem.

Money Cheat
To do this particular cheat you’ll need to first have the Infinity Blade, Halfstar, Thistle, Gelder, Ricochet, and the Imperial. After you have those do the following:
Step 1) Do a Rebirth reset.
Step 2) Go through and play the 1st Rebirth as you normally would.
Step 3) Go through the 2nd Rebirth, and turn left when you pass the spot with the big dragon statue in the middle.
Step 4) Defeat your opponent in the room that has a bunch of sealed doors.
Step 5) Next you’ll unlock all the doors you possibly can and grab all the items inside of them.
Step 6) Go through the first 4 steps once more. All the doors will once more be locked and have items inside for the taking. Unlock those doors and grab all the items.
Step 7) Go to the store and sell off all of your extra loot.

Go through these steps all over again. It won’t take as long as it did the first time due to the fact that you’ll already have 1 of each item. By selling all the items you can make more than 300,000 easy.

Gold Cheat
Ok, for this you first need to pull up the character display. From there, pick the most affordable light weapon, and pick the heavy weapon that is priciest. After you have done this, you’ll want to scroll right at the exact same time as you hit the sell button. You’ll see the heavy weapon you selected under the Sell display, should you do it right. Now pick Sell and you get an easy 1 million gold.

Tons of Equipment
Go through the game til you get the 6 different items that are required to open the gates in the six triangle room. When you have that gear, restart in Bloodline One. Prior to fighting, alter your gear so you are equipped with the worst equipment (the default gear when you began in the citadel). Now fight with the first enemy, a ninja, and you should see that the option to block him does not show. Allow him to defeat you. Once you die, restart on the previous bloodline. The game won’t see that you have the equipment, since there’s no preceding bloodline accessible. Now go back to the triangle room and grab some new equipment. From there go and fight to get the big key and once more reset to Bloodline One. It’s possible for you to do this as frequently as you want to. Every time you’re going to get some nice gear that you can sell for a ton of gold, along with a big key.

Infinite Gold Cheat
The game will restart once you’ve killed the God King. Get to the top where you put the Infinity Blade in the stone. You’ll want to make sure that you’ve mastered the sword. Immediately before the character puts the sword into the rock, touch the sword on the top of your screen, and select Character, then Items. Equip yourself with any weapon other than the Infinity Blade, then subsequently sell the Infinity Blade and get back to the game. Make sure not to touch the sword at the top of your screen after this. Instead, touch the gear to the right and go to Character Slots. Then switch games. After the other game starts up, press the gear again and return to the first game you were playing a few seconds ago. The game should start up again right before you put the sword into the stone, and this will allow you to sell the Infinity Blade once more. You can do this as much as you’d like. You can easily do this several times in the space of just a few minutes and make unlimited amounts of gold.

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