Infinity Blade 2 Review

Infinity Blade II is an ideal video game sequel. The cinematic and visceral melee fight was enlarged into a suitable, fleshed out fighting system. The first game’s thin storyline was replaced with a voiced story full of turns and twists. Chair has executed all this extremely well, while also establishing a brand new standard for mobile game visuals.

The sequel to Infinity Blade starts right where the first game ends. The game’s hero need some help from the creator of the titular blade, known as The Worker of Secrets. The only issue is that he was imprisoned and can be freed only once three “Deathless” are conquered. Each one of these 3 is at the ending of a very long series of enemies, in the Vault of Tears. Along the way players learn considerably more about Siris’ (the hero) authentic nature, and he’s apparently doomed to repeat a never ending cycle of violence.

After every conflict with a ton of enemies gamers will earn a helping of Gold and XP, enabling players to raise Siris’ stats and buy gear and new weapons.

Did I enjoy it?
Infinity Blade’s touch-powered sword-slashing fight has consistently been a blast, but the sequel is infused by it with considerably more depth. This also means that its way more fun.

I particularly valued the two new ways to fight that were at my disposal. Players can use the normal sword and shield from the first game, but it is rough to return to that after experiencing the sequel’s devastating heavy weapon and double wielding systems that are quite volatile. Heavy weapons allow for strong critical hits by swiping in certain ways, while losing the skill to block will enable double wielding with huge combos. Any time I got tired of one fight system, I changed over and just purchased a brand new weapon.

Enemy routines appear dynamic. Enemies are now able to throw magic around. Jewels can be slotted by players into armor and weapons for specific types of bonuses. The whole menu’s interface has been reworked, and is now sorted by gear slots. It is clear that consideration and lots of care went into pretty much every facet of this sequel.

Obviously, the enjoyment of the game is definitely made better by the fact that Infinity Blade 2 is positively stunning. But more to the point, the game represents a maturation in Chair’s skill in being able to create enemies and memorable map areas.

Should you purchase it?
Infinity Blade 2 is the ideal representation of what iOS games can be. Chair has created a near-perfect combination of beautiful aestetics and enjoyable gameplay centered on touch controls.

On top of that, the whole package is a bigger and better worth than the first game in almost every manner. Four times the variety of battle locations. Almost triple the quantity of gear. Double the variety of enemies that are unique. As soon as you finish it all, an ambitious and robust New Game plus is there waiting for you. Chair has also done a great job with their competitive post-launch support.

Infinity Blade 2 is just one of those mobile games that you have to own. It remains a killer app purchase inside the App Store.

Final Say
While I wasn’t the biggest fan of the initial Infinity Blade, I’m definitely a fan of the sequel. This game deals with every single issue the first game had, and is way way bigger and a lot more fun. I can’t wait to see what other games Chair makes down the line.

User Rating: 4.8 (4 votes)